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With 'Fight On' Barrett Baber Hopes to Inspire His Fans

Country artist Barrett Baber has released a new single called “Fight On”. The song will pull at your heart strings and inspire you to never give up on life.

Before there was “Fight On” the song there was Fight On merchandise, and before there was the merchandise there was Fight On the Hashtag. Baber began using the phrase while promoting his album A Room Full of Fighters. According to Baber he always felt the phrase Fight On would make a great song title, but before he had the opportunity to write to the song he began selling Fight On teeshirts. The merchandise would turn into an opportunity for Baber to help out people who are struggling at this thing called life.

“‘Fight On’ is a special song to me. I started using the hashtag Fight On when I was promoting my album Room Full of Fighters and I always thought that it would make for a great song title. That’s generally how I do most of my writing in terms of coming up with ideas. I’ll write down titles in my phone and then when I sit down in a cowrite I’ll look through my list of titles and if I see one that kind of jumps out at me I’ll use it as a title of a song so I know what the hook is and that way it makes it a lot easier to write when you know the destination… of a song, it makes it a lot easier to write the rest of it…” said Baber

“I came up withe idea that I would start giving away the profits from the sale of the Fight On teeshirts at live shows and on my website and the biggest reason I thought that would be cool was because you know I sell some merch but it’s not crazy. It’s not a ton of money, in any given month I might sell 300-400 dollars worth of Fight On merchandise and that’s frankly not a lot of money in the world of a major non profit, a big nationally recognized non profit like the American Cancer Society or the Heart Association or one of those things. Those are great causes for sure and I will and do support those, but I’ve always thought it would be cool for me as an independent artist who’s doing this thing on his own, the little guy quite frankly right now to support similar causes. You know individuals who are suffering with a health issue, or who’s house burnt down, or who are just really in the fight of their life trying to keep their head above water kind of like I am. So I thought this would be a really cool way that I could support some of those causes… I kind of organically came up with that idea long before the song was ever written…” continued Baber.

Right around the time Baber decided to donate the proceeds of his Fight On Merchandise he met a little girl named Abi. Abi who is suffering with a rare form of childhood cancer is the daughter of a former classmate of Baber’s. After meeting this special little girl Baber decided to donate the proceed to her and her family in their time of need. Baber was inspired to write this song for people like Abi, and to anyone who might need a little inspiration to fight on.

“…I had a co write here in Nashville with a couple of great writers, one guy’s name is Tony Martin and the other is a guy name Gavin Slate … I asked them what they thought about the title Fight On and they loved it. So it was one of those days, one of those magical writing days where it kind of just came easy. We just wanted to write a song abut the little guy about the people who are out there struggling. I was thinking about Fight On and the title before we wrote it. I kind of realized that Fight On can be applied to a lot of people. We’re all living a very similar life even though we live in different places.. We’re all still just people who are tying to live our best life and give the best life to the people that we love… Sometimes that’s not always easy, it’s quite difficult at times and I'm in that position now where I'm chasing a dream and continuing to push for it. Working very hard at it and moving towards making things happen for myself, but there’s been moments in the last year or two that have felt like a fight. You know that I was really in a fight for myself and for my family. I recognize that even people who aren’t dreaming of being a musician and being a star or having a career in music, they’re fighting for the same thing. They have dreams of their own and sometimes it’s hard and it feels like it might be worth giving up. I just wanted to write a song that could really inspire people to make the only choice that exists which is that even when life knocks you down and it's got you down on the ground bleeding and beat up that at the end of the day there really is only one choice you can make and that is get back up and fight on. That’s where the song came from, that realization that we’re all the same and all fighting for something regardless of what that fight is, it all matters,” said Baber.

"…I just had a feeling right away that this could be a really special song and so we scheduled a day in the studio here in Nashville and we went in and tracked four new songs and ‘Fight On’ was one of them. I just from the jump was like hey guys this is the next song like this one is going to be the next one we release. Not necessarily because I think it’s a hit because I do, but because I always felt that the message of the song was something that people needed to hear. That it could do special things for me career wise but more importantly be a catalos for people to decide to fight on….It’s really really something special. I'm very proud of the way it sounds, but more than anything proud of what it means. Which is just a song about regardless of what you’re going through to hang in there and keep on fighting,” continued Baber.

In addition to releasing new music Baber has been playing shows all over the country. Recently Baber had the opportunity to play a show in NYC, something that was a dream come true for the talented artist.

“It was a magical experience playing in New York. You think about all the people in the history that have graced the stages in that crazy big town. It was a really special night for me to that for a lot of reasons, and the biggest reason was just because it’s one of those to do list things if you’re a musician playing in the city, it’s kind of a cool thing to consider the history of it all and what it means. Then the other reason why it was really special was because people showed up. It’s one thing to be on Tv every week and have a lot of fans following you showing up to your shows, but two and a half or so years removed from The Voice to be able to go to NYC and have a room full of people show up to hear me play 100 percent original music that I wrote it makes me believe that this is possible. That this thing I'm doing matters,” said Baber.

“Then on top of that I got to experience the city with my little brother Stewart, and spend a few days hanging with him. Then having him out in the crowd, it’s not very often I get to look out in to the crowd and see my little brother out there and see the pride in his eyes for watching m do what I love to do. The support he’s given me for so many years of playing city bars where nobody cares and and all cover songs for no money and he was always there with that same look n his eyes. It was really a magical experience playing in NYC to a room full of people that are fans of mine, and also to see my little bro out there,” continued Baber.

“Fight On Is available on all your favorite musical download sites. To find out where Baber will be next visit his website at

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