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Kaleb Lee Has Advanced To The Top 12 On NBC's The Voice

Country artist Kaleb Lee has advanced to the top 12 on this season of The Voice. The talented artist was voted through by America after his performance of Thomas Rhett's "Die a Happy Man”.

While Lee is now in the top 12 his future on the show was once in doubt. Lee who started off on coach Blake Shelton’s team faced off against fellow top 12 artist Pryor Baird during the Battle Rounds. The pair sang Tom Petty’s “Don’t Do Me Like That”, Shelton chose Baird as winner leaving Lee open for a steal. Coach Kelly Clarkson swooped in for the save giving Lee new life on the show.

“Going into the battle with Pryor we both were kind of on the same page. We were going to do the best performance we could and complement each other the best way we could…we just wanted to make a really great song and tip our hat to Tom Petty. Going into it I was feeling good but you never know how it’s going to go and when Blake picked Pryor I was obviously bummed for that moment that I thought I was going home, but super excited for Pryor and excited that he was going to be able to move on. Then when Kelly pushed her button to steal I was right back into the excitement. It was really really awesome,” said Lee.

With this season of The Voice came a new format for the Live Playoffs. On the first night all the artists performed followed by a live vote. One artist from each team was saved. The remaining artists Performed on Tuesday and Wednesday with the results of the voting being revealed on Wednesday as well. On the first night Lee sang Patty Loveless' "You Don't Even Know Who I Am”. Lee was not saved on the first night, so the talented artist went on to sing “Die a Happy Man”. Going into the Live Playoffs Lee was excited to do more songs like Zac Brown Band's "Free" which he performed in the Knockout Rounds.

“…Next round I'm excited because I'm doing another song in that same vein as [Free]. So I think it’s going to give people what they want, but also more of what I want, and I'm hoping to gain more fans because of it,” said Lee.

Lee decided to sing “Free” during the Knockout Rounds to showcase a side of his voice fans had not gotten the opportunity to see. According to Lee in the previous rounds the talented artist was unable to showcase the emotional side of his voice.

“I took “Free” to the knockouts mainly because up until that point I hadn’t been able to show the more emotional side of my voice. I would say you know my first song Kenny Chesney “Never Wanting Anything More” you know is a mid uptempo, positive, very good message song, but from a vocal standpoint it wasn’t a wow song. Then when we got the Tom Petty song obviously that’s a little more out of my element then even it was for Pryor. It’s more in his wheel house,” said Lee.

“So I was really excited to do a song that I felt like was right at my lane as far as the music is concerned and I connect with the song really well. It’s a song about living life as free as possible and enjoying the moments of life. That’s kind of where I’m at…” continue Lee.

Lee has had the unique opportunity to work with both Shelton and Clarkson. The biggest thing Lee has taken away from his time with Clarkson so far is her contagious energy.

“You know I didn’t really get a ton of time to work with Blake, being stolen In the Battle Rounds. But I’ve had a few times to work with Kelly now and I will say obviously everyone knows Kelly is an extremely talented vocalist. She can do just about anything you can dream with her voice. Any advice she gives you is worth putting into practice and listening to,” said Lee.

“I will say the best thing about being on Kelly’s team is her energy. She has her vibrancy she has. Even at rehearsal she’s so excited to be there. She’s so encouraging and so you know it’s just a feeling that really goes across you as the performer,, the band, everybody’s having a good time. It brings up the level of excitement of everybody… That’s the biggest impact that Kelly has had on me,” continued Lee.

To keep Lee on The Voice tune in next week to The Voice and remember to vote. To find out more about Lee you can like Lee on Facebook (@KalebLeeMusic), and follow Lee on Twitter (@Kalebleemusic) and on Instagram (Kalebleemusic).

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