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Music is What Pryor Baird Does Best

Team Blake’s Pryor Baird is trying to become a part of The Voice’s top 12. Baird who has been a member of Team Blake since the being is hoping he can advance to keep his hopes of wining alive.

During his Blind Audition Baird sang John Mayer's "I Don't Need No Doctor” getting all four coaches to turn their chairs. While all four coaches made a strong argument for the talented singer he untimely decided to go with Blake Shelton. With each round from the Battle Round to The Knockout round, Baird has had the opportunity to work more with his Shelton and the talented artist has enjoyed every minute of it.

“Oh it’s been fantastic working with Blake. Other than being the sexiest man of the planet he’s just a regular ole dude, which I figured he would be and you know it’s refreshing to know he’s just a regular ole guy,” said Baird

“The biggest piece of advice that has meant the most to me is, he said you know be yourself, to be who you are and that’s what people want to see. So that’s was great to hear. You know going into a tv show you’re never really sure what they’re going to say or if it all scripted or anything and it’s not at all. He’s like be yourself that’s what people like…” continued Baird.

Baird is currently fighting for change to be a part of The Voice Top 12. During the first night of the live playoffs Baird sang Chris Stapleton's "I Was Wrong. With Baird not getting save instantly with America’s vote the talented artist performed last night singing Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5”. The results will be revealed tonight on The Voice. One artist will be saved by America and one will be saved by their coach (for each team). Going into the Live Playoffs Baird was looking forward to putting the competition part of the show behind him.

“I’m really looking forward to it being not a competition, but it [being about] proving yourself and your self worth, to showcase our own talent. In the Lives it’s just you singing by yourself doing what you do, rather then going into it as a competition. Being like I have to beat this person. I'm not into competition as an art form. I just don’t like that aspect,” said Baird.

With each performance on the show more and more people are discovering Baird and his music for the first time. For the new fans Baird would like them to know that he is extremely passionate about his music.

“[I would like them to know] that I'm very passionate about my music. That I’ve done this my whole life. You know it’s not something I just started doing a few years ago. It’s not something that I just think I'm good at. This is something I’ve been doing literally my entire life. I live, eat, and breath, sleep music. That’s what I loved since I was three years old. This is who I am, this is what I do. Not a lot of people can say this is what they do best and I don’t mean that in a cocky way, I just mean that in a confident way. I know this is what I do, and this Is what I do best, and I want to continue to do it. I want to make people happy with my music,” said Baird.

To see if Baird will advance to the Top 12 on The Voice tune in tonight at 8pm EST.

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