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Red Marlow's New Album "Country As Cornbread" Is a Must for Country Music Fans

While on The Voice Red Marlow won over fans with his traditional country sound. Marlow’s traditional country sound catapulted the talented artist to fourth place last season on the show.

That traditional country sound is highlighted in Red’s new album Country As Cornbread, that was released today. Country As Cornbread includes 10 tracks that will make both traditional country fans and modern country fans fall in love with the album and Marlow.

The Lead single off the album is a song called “My House in Heaven” The song which is in the same vein as Craig Campbell’s “Outskirts of Heaven” gives fans an idea of all of Red’s favorite things, the things he loves to do and the people he loves. “My House in Heaven” will appeal to not only people that live that country way of life, but to those who live in the big city as well. Everyone has their own idea of Heaven and the things they hold close to their heart.

“That’s Where We Live” is another song on the album that will get fans thinking about their life. This song will remind people of current Blake Shelton single “I Lived It”. “That’s Where We Live” is a song will become a favorite of fans as soon as there hear it. The great songs on this album don’t stop here.

The title track, “Country As Cornbread” is a fun song that describes a country guy living in the big city, but no matter what, he is 'country as cornbread'. The song will be another hit for Marlow.

Other tracks on the album include. “The Good Ones”, “Four Ounces at a Time”, “Horses Had Pedals”, and more. Country as Cornbread is an album that will appeal to most. Marlow knew what he was doing when he created Country As Cornbread. To purchase visit your favorite digital download site or visit

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