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Spensha Baker Advances To The Knockout Rounds

Spensha Baker continues to turn heads on The Voice. The talented artist has advanced to the Knockout Rounds as a member of Team Blake.

The Voice is not Baker’s first singing completion, it is actually her third. Baker first appeared on a show called The Christian Artist Talent Search when she was 9 years old. Next the talented artist appeared on Star Search after her mother sent her video to the show.. Just like Star Search it was her mother that led Bake to The Voice.

“You know I signed with a major record label and I ended up parting ways with that label. I ended up moving to Nashville and discovered a love for country music. I lost a passion for it in the middle of my journey in Nashville. I stoped wanting to do music, I lost the passion and motivation for it. So I ended up quitting, I stopped singing… I just told myself I was not going to sing again. I didn’t love it anymore and I stayed in the feeling for about three years,” said Baker.

“My mother and I have been fans of The Voice since season one. We were actually watching it and she turned to me and said you know they’re going to be in Austin, why don’t you go audition. and I looked at her said ok fine whatever mom. So it ended up bringing me to this point. The lessons I learned are; one, never count yourself out, and two listen to your mom, because she turned out to be very right. It was a really good decision that we made and I'm really great thus far,” continued Baker.

During the Battle Rounds Baker faced off against country artist Dallas Caroline. The pair sang Maren Morris' "I Could Use a Love Song.” Of Baker’s performance coach Blake Shelton said “Spensha I think you have the opportunity to blow the minds of Nashville and turn the Country Music industry on its ear…” Going into the Battle Rounds Baker was most excited for people to hear Dallas Caroline’s performance.

“I’m most excited about people hearing my Battle partner. My battle partner is Dallas Caroline, her blind audition was beautiful. She did ‘Always On My Mind’. by Willie Nelson and it was beautiful. Her voice is so clean so gentle and she reminds me of Alison Krauss’ tone and I think that’s something we really need on Country Radio. She’s beautiful and talented. So I'm most excited about people getting the chance to hear her and I sing together,” said Baker.

Baker might have started her singing career in Gospel music, but she wants people that are hearing her for the first time that she absolutely loves Country music.

“Well I actually got my start in Gospel music. That has been primarily my background, but. A lot of people don’t know that I also love Country music. I grew up listening to artists like Shania Twain and Bryan White. As I got older I fell back in love with Country. I started finding myself in their voices and in Country music stories and the lifestyle. This is who I am now. So to anyone who is listening to me on the show in real life, I love country music, and I'm honored that I can be on a show that will allow me to sing the music that my heart connects to…” said Baker.

Baker will now move on to the Knockout Rounds where she will look to continue her journey on The Voice and continue to inspire viewers all around the country and world.

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