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'Lonely Alone' Has Kicked Off Darryl Worley's 2018 in a Big Way

Country artist Darryl Worley has returned to the top of his game with his new single “Lonely Alone”. The song is getting recognition from fans and radio stations all over the country.

Worley is not your stereotypical country artist. Worley has degrees in both Biology and Chemistry. Worley who has had a love for science since he was a kid believes there us chemistry in everything including music.

“Yeah we have a stereotype here in this business. Hey listen I'm just as hardcore Honky Tonker as anybody else in the business. I probably use to be man, I was wide open, but I was in to science growing up. So when I had an opportunity to get a college education, I just did all of that not knowing where I would end up. But I tell people all the time there’s chemistry in everything especially in music,” said Worley.

The success of “Lonely Alone” has surprised Worley. According to the talented artist it was because of Storme Warren and JR over at Sirius XM Radio that the song has continued to grow. While Worley did not have a lot of money to throw at the song the way the song was written, produced, and the way it was sung has fans of all ages and walks of life enjoying the song.

“Well [‘Lonely Alone’] surprised me how well it’s doing and the things that have happened just based on it being a great song. I mean we didn’t have a lot of money to throw at it so because of Storme Warren and JR over at Satellite, they heard the song and just loved what it was about and the production and the whole deal. So that’s kind of where the excitement started and now it’s growing and we’re getting phone calls about taking it to mainstream radio,” Worley.

“Who knows I've had hits in the past they did all the leg work themselves, the song did you know. It’s not everyday that you have something like that. I could only hope that this song was one of those. I could promise you that it comes from a very real place and I think people know that when it happens. The production is very different, it’s unique I think. It’s a lot more sparse than some of the stuff that I’ve done in the past and it has kind of a retro vibe to it. So these days the kids think that’s cool, it might have been an accident on our part but it’s still cool. So I don’t know we’ll just see, but Im very excited about what’s going on right now,” continued Worley.

“Lonely Alone” was written at a time where Worley felt he and his wife were not paying enough attention to their relationship after their daughter came along and by doing the things in the song their relationship became stronger. According to Worley “Lonely Alone” is a song that reminds us all that if it is important it is worth the hard work.

“…My wife said you better have your sales pitch down because I don’t want people thinking we’re splitting up and it’s really nothing like that at all. I get limited time at home with my family, my wife and my daughter. So when I'm there I like it to be quality time you know really special. We try to make the best of it, we go out to eat, we just tear down the walls and do things we might not normally do, make memories together. I just noticed that since my daughter came along, that my wife and I hadn’t been paying enough attention our relationship. I think that’s typical, so I had this song idea and I was telling my cowriter Billy Lawson about it. We wrote it and then I had to go home and play it for my wife. And she’s like ok what’s your pitch going to be, what’s your story behind the song? Because she said you know I feel like we’re in pretty good place. I said yeah we’re in a good place because we’ve already done what this song suggested,” said Worley.

“I think everyone in a relationship at one time or another has gotten too comfortable and stopped tending to that, and managing that, and cultivating that, and all of a sudden you find yourself under the same roof with someone you hardly know. And it’s a horrible feeling too, when you’re sitting beside the person you’re supposed to love the most in the whole wide world. It was a while back that we started talking about it and we made some changes and the song has even made us step up another notch. I think we’re in a really good place because of this song, and I think it could do that for a lot of people. It’s not one of those things that’s so in your face that makes you think ok that’s too much content for me. I just think it’s one of those songs that reminds us that if it’s important enough it actually takes a little work, and if it’s worth it it's worth getting the work done. We just try a little harder, We make it count,” continued Worley.

With all the success of “Lonely Alone” Worley is excited for 2018 and what it can mean for him and his music. Worley will be going out on tour. To see where he will laying visit his website at Like him on Facebook (@DarrylWorley) and follow him on Twitter (@darrylworley) and Instagram (darrylworley).

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