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Josh Grider Releases a New Album Called 'Good People'

Country music artist Josh Grider has released new music. The talented singer/songwriter recently released an album titled Good People.

Grider is a songwriter first and an artist second. According to Grider every song he writes comes from a personal place in his life. For fans Grider would like them to know that when they are listening to songs like “Good People” they are learning about not only the singer/songwriter he is, but the person he is as well.

“I would want them to know that I write the songs. I’m a songwriter. I was a songwriter before I was ever a quote on quote artist, and I think I’ll be a songwriter long after I'm a quote on quote artist,” said Grider.

“So when you hear me sing you’re hearing me sing songs about my life, things that I believe in. You’re getting to know who I am especially with this new record. It’s a very honest record of where I'm at in life and my particular set of beliefs and stuff. So if you dig those tunes you’d probably like hanging out with me too,” continued Grider.

Good People is a 12 track album thats was released on March 2nd. Grider decided to make “Good People” the title track because he felt as though the song brought home the over all theme of the album. Grider also felt as though the title Good People would entice people to give the album a listen.

“I think it’s the theme you know of the record. To me in country music in general, it typically talks about every day life, every day living, and the emotions. I feel like I try to give a real perspective on love, loss, hope, and perseverance. Just these basic things that we need as humans and I tried to just give the most real presentation of those in these songs that I could,” said Grider.

“Of all the titles of the tunes just ‘Good People’, I mean I think that most people consider themselves good people. I think it's our nature to try and do the right thing. So I hope that people see that title and say hey I’m good people, I’ll give this a shot, I’ll give it a listen,” continued Grider.

With all that is happening in today’s world Grider felt it was the perfect time to release “Good People”. According to Grider the songs offers an alternative to the bad things that happen in day to day life.

“[I decided to release ‘Good People’] because I believe in the message and I believe that an alternative narrative is necessary. I really do believe in the message of that song,” said Grider.

"I’ve got a couple of young boys and one is getting old enough where he’s kind of starting to ask questions about the world and the crazy things that happen, and the bad things that happen. And I don’t know why the bad stuff has to happen, but I wanted to be able to present something you know. Yeah that was bad but there’s still good and I think perspective can get lost in our 24 hour negative news cycles that we live in. So I just wanted to offer an alternative,” continued Grider.

For Grider songwriting is all about being creative. It is about walking in to a room with just an idea and walking out with a song that has potential to touch the lives of those who listen to it.

“The creative, just walking into a room where the song didn’t exist and then a few hours later you got something that exists. I think as humans we like to create stuff and I'm not much good with a hammer and nail, but I can take some cords and a guitar and some words and put them together an a make a song,” said Grider.

“That creative process and going from this idea especially when you share it with somebody. When you cowrite you bounce ideas off of each other. It’s pretty exciting… Every time I go in a room to write it’s like yeah I can’t wait to hear what I’ve never heard before,” continued Grider

Grider will now hit the road to promote the album. Grider will also be releasing a new music video and a new single in the coming months.

“..We will hit the road for the next few months plus, just a lot of shows and taking it to the people. We have a video for ‘Good People’. I imagine we are going to cut another video by summer. I think we’ll have another video out and another single will come out .Texas Radio has been playing ‘Good People’ a bunch but you know depending on how this release goes we’ll get something out nationally,” said Grider.

You can download Good People from your favorite digital download site. To see where Grider will stopping on his tour visit his website at, like him on Facebook (@joshgridermusic), and follow him on Twitter (@joshgrider) and Instagram (jdgrider).

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