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Kaleb Lee Joins Team Blake on The Voice

After some time away from country artist Kaleb Lee has gotten a second chance at a career in music. The talented artist appeared on the season premier of The Voice. Lee was able to get both Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton to turn their chair. The talented artist would end up choosing Shelton as his coach.

Lee started playing guitar when he was about eight years old. From there Lee did a few talent shows in elementary school singing songs from some of country music’s finest in Garth Brooks and Travis Tritt. Today Lee is ready to continue the dream of singing that started when he was eight years old. At the insistence of his wife Lee chose to continue that dream on The Voice stage.

“My wife has been bugging me for years to try and go and audition and be on The Voice. Obviously I never took her up on it, and I never really thought about doing it. Someone from The Voice found a video on Youtube of mine and reached out. I think that’s what it to took to finally go out. So I flew out to LA and then auditioned. And here I am,” said Lee.

Lee hit the Blind Audition stage singing Kenny Chesney’s "Never Wanted Nothing More” Clarkson and Shelton both turned their chairs vying for the talented artist to join their teams. For Lee while Shelton was the obvious choice Clarkson did not make the decision easy.

“You know I went in like a majority of country guys do, if Blake turned around he was going to be a heavy contender. I went in figuring if Blake turned I around I would actually pick Blake. But I will say that in that moment it’s such an Intense moment, you prepare so much for those 90 seconds and you play your songs and again it’s surreal,” said Lee.

“… They’re there talking with you. You’ve watched all these people do it on tv but now they’re there on location so you reserve back to your gut. I think that’s why I ended up picking Blake. I will say though that process surreal as it was, Kelly was much more convincing than not what I thought she would be, but she challenged my thought more than I thought it would be challenged. There for a minute I was really contemplating going with Kelly. She’s an incredible person, you can just feel all the energy she brings. She really wanted me on her team, but like I said at the end of the day I went back to my gut,” continued Lee.

Ever since Lee’s audition aired the experience has been nothing short of surreal for the talented singer. From the Social Media mentions, to the likes, follows, and comments it has been crazy for Lee. One area of social media that has been steadily on the rise for Lee has been Youtube views. The Youtube video of Lee’s Audition has now reached over 900 thousand views.

“It’s really cool. It’s amazing, you know it’s funny because we kind of get prepped for this stuff but you never know how it’s going to shake out. I mean I’ve probably went through probably hundreds of just social media mentions, likes and messages. Most of them from people who saw the show and saw my episode on the show…. It was pretty surreal, really crazy to think. I’ve watched the show in the past and I never really experienced what they went through. It’s been really cool to see so many people really dig what I did and reach out and be supportive already,” said Lee.

Like any artist who competes on The Voice Lee would like to win and be named The Voice. According to Lee there is a lot more to him as an artist and he is excited to show viewers all facets of himself as an artist and entertainer.

“That’s a good question. I obviously hope to win. I mean I know I got good tricks in the bag if I can continue in the show. I definitely don’t think what people saw in the Blind Audition is all that's there. That’s exciting for me,” said Lee.

“So yeah I defiantly want to win, but for me this is about reigniting on a bigger level. It’s about reigniting a passion in music and performing that I lost and have not really pursued or done the last two years of my life. So I'm kind of at the point and stage where my kids are supportive. My wife is supportive. They see how much I enjoy doing this and this is an awesome opportunity and hopefully it will lunch a strong music career,” continued Lee.

Lee will now compete in The Battle Rounds. Until then you can like Lee on Facebook (@Kalebleemusic), and follow him on Twitter (@Kalebleemusic) and Instagram (Kalebleemusic).

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