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Lucas Hoge Releases A New Single To Country Radio

On the heals of a number one album Lucas Hoge has released a new single to Country Radio. The new single pays tribute to one of the talented artist’s musical heroes, Garth Brooks.

The song called “The Power of Garth” is a track on Hoge’s album Dirty South. Dirty South went number one on the Billboard Country Album Sales Chart, and for Hoge the success of the album was a long time coming. With the number one album came validation for all of those who worked on the project.

“Oh man it’s such a cool thing. It’s a long process putting this album together. It’s been a long time coming and a lot of people involved, a lot of good friends on the writing end of things, and just excited when it all happened. To have these fans that actually went out and purchased the album which is amazing. Yeah I’ve just been riding the wave ever since. We got the new single that’s coming out in March that will be the last track off of that album. It’s called ‘The Power of Garth’. It’s a Garth [Brooks] tribute. I'm really looking forward to everyone hearing it and hopefully they like it as much as the album,“ said Hoge.

“The Power of Garth” was written by Terry McBride (from McBride and Ride) and Matt Rogers. The song was pitched to Hoge because of his love for Brooks and his music. With the song already recieving great feedback from fans and country Radio, Hoge feels extremely fortunate to be able to cut the song and share it with his fans.

“…[When the song was first pitched to me] I sat back and heard the first verse I was done. I was like man I got to cut this. So I'm very blessed that they allowed me to cut this song and looking forward to getting it out there,” said Hoge.

When creating an album Hoge enjoys being able to collaborating with all his friends when creating a new album. For Hoge it is about writing a song from life experiences and bring it to life creating songs like “Who’s Gonna Miss me”, and “Dirty South”.

“Honestly my favorite part is collaborating with all of my friends and sitting in the writing room and trying to write the best damn song I can, and just crafting it and writing about real life experiences in my life. Pretty much every song is a true life story that’s happened or you know obviously we take liberties with them, but it’s just fun. ‘To Go With The Whiskey’ is one of my favorite songs as well/ I sit down in the corner of a little bar in Brentwood where I like to sit and have a drink every now and then watch people a little bit and get some good material,” said Hoge.

“That’s a toss up. ‘Dirty South’ is probably my favorite song to perform I think just because I wrote it with two good friends of mine. And I would have to say the tribute I wrote for a friend of mine that passed a way in high school Michael Berry. It’s kind of a bonus track at the end of the album it’s probably my favorite song just because it’s that heartfelt makes you think type of song called ‘Whose Gonna Be There’ so that probably my favorite song,” continued Hoge.

Hoge is currently working on new music that will come early next year after “The Power Of Garth has played out on Country Radio. Hoge is excited to release new music including a song he wrote with Jordan Davis.

“Yes after ‘Power of Garth’ runs its corse. I'm actually physically in the studio right now recording and writing for the project for early next year. I got a song coming out called ‘Bad People’ that I'm really excited about,” said Hoge.

“I wrote it with Jordan Davis and it’s just one of those songs that took on a mind of its own. It’s about how good people do bad things. It’s just one of those things that happens it doesn’t make them bad people. It’s a fun song, it starts off back in the moonshine days and you know it progresses through time. People trying to make a living doing their thing so it’s a fun song. It’s a big big song we start off with it in all my shows right now. It’s a huge track so I'm excited to share it with everybody,” continued Hoge.

Hoge will be traveling all across the country and abroad including Stockholm, Sweden. To find out when Hoge will be in a town near you visit his website at, like him on Facebook (@LucasHoge), follow him on Instagram (lucashoge) and Twitter (@LucasHoge).

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