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Jessica Rose Is Ready To Show NYC What Country Music is All About

Things are heating up for country artist Jessica Rose. The Staten Island native turned Nashville transplant has returned to New York for some exiting shows.

While Jessica Rose was in Nashville the talented artist was able to not only attend some Country Radio Seminar events, she was able to work on some new music.

“…CRS week has been so exciting and I think we all need a little recovery session from it. I was able while I'm here in Nashville to record a cover and few demo songs. I'm getting ready to release a new single which I have my top three songs that I'm on the fence about. I don’t know which one to record,” said Jessica Rose.

There’s this one song that I wrote it’s called ‘Back In Town’ which I think would be appropriate since I'm going to be in New York a lot. So I think I'm leaning towards that one, so you can watch out for that one. It’s going to be released in March for sure. And I really want to get some summer anthems out there for this summer. So maybe we will do that one early march and get another song out there like a summer song,,,” continued Jessica Rose.

Jessica Rose has returned to New York for an amazing opportunity. This past December The Opry City Stage opened in Times Square. The Opry City Stage has many of the same features at The Grand Ole Opry and The Ryman Auditorium. The talented artist has become a regular performer at the venue.

“Yeah Opry City Stage in Times Square, I’ve been playing there in the mornings and now we’re actually switching the time till 11:30am which I'm really excited about because I am not much of a morning person,” said Jessica Rose.

“I’m excited to do more gigs in New York and New Jersey. Definitely I’ll be at Opry City Stage. It’s such an awesome venue this summer is going to be huge there…because it is the most beautiful venue for country music in New York. Every time I'm in there I have to stop myself because I'm like hey y’all welcome to Nashville and then I'm like no New York City…” continued Jessica Rose.

On Super Bowl Sunday Jessica Rose released a music video for her song “Wild Hearts” which is the title track off of her EP. The Music Video or “Wild Hearts” will not be only one for a song on the EP. Jessica Rose is getting ready to release a music video for her song “Look For Me”.

“I have a new music video out called Wild Hearts. So I just released that…Super Bowl Sunday and I actually filmed it late last summer. I was holding on to it to release and I finally said lets release it cause I'm also going to be releasing another music video for ‘Look For Me’. It’s kind of like since I'm my own boss, I do whatever I want. I just really want to get so much more content out there for you guys to enjoy. It’s definitely hard to do that on your own…” said Jessica Rose.

Jessica Rose has a big show on March 2nd. The which is at Liberty Tavern in Staten Island will be quacking off the are’s St Patrick Day festivities. To find out where she will be next visit her website at

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