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Music is in Lewis Brice's DNA

Lee Brice’s brother, Lewis Brice is paving his own path in country music. The talented artist is having a lot of success with his EP Lewis Brice. The EP features songs like “Messin’ With My Mind” and “Best Ex Ever”.

Music has been a part of Lewis’ DNA from the start. According to Lewis not only can he and his brother sing but so can their parents, calling them “amazing singers.” Lewis first picked up the guitar at age 11 or 12 and he then started playing for his friends at parties in high school and progressed from there, moving Nashville around 12 years ago. While Lewis is doing his own thing, having a brother in the music industry has helped him in his career.

““…I’ve learned a lot from [Lee]. I'm still my own person, I do my own thing, and that’s what I get a lot of respect for. I walk in my own boots. But I have learned a lot from him. It’s been really cool to be able to learn a lot from him, business wise, musically wise, stage wise and everything. So it’s been good. He and I are best friends more or less. Him and I produced my last record, he loves my music and [I feel the same way] about his music,” said Lewis.

In July Lewis released his self titled EP Lewis Brice. The EP has had a lot of success on places like Spotify and iTunes. On iTunes the EP reached the top 15 in the United States. On Spotify “Messin’ With My Mind”, one of the songs included on the EP has gotten over a million streams. Lewis’ current single “Best Ex Ever” is doing well reached the top 40 on the Music Row Charts. According to Lewis the EP is the perfect foundation to build upon.

“It’s awesome, it’s really cool. It’s done exactly what I wanted it to do. This is the first EP we put out, it’s a foundation for me me to build on. It’s done really well. ‘Messin’ With My Mind’ has 1.2 million streams on Spotify and ‘Best Ex Ever’ is kind of catching up to it. currently ‘Best Ex Ever’ the single we put out to radio is 35 on the Music Row Charts,” said Lewis.

“...When we first released it I wasn’t expecting anything big or anything, but we debuted in the top 15 iTunes…I think Australia it came out at number 1 or something like that, in Canada I think we got pretty high numbers. But yeah yeah in the States it was awesome, it was really cool,” continued Lewis.

Like a lot of great songs “Best Ex Ever” comes from personal experience. According to Lewis the song came from a not so pleasant experience that had an unexpected person come to the rescue.

“…It’s a true story its a PG 13 radio edited version. I found myself in a position ] with one phone call and a payphone in the most undesirable place and luckily my ex girlfriend from two years previous happened to pick up the payphone call from Lewis Brice. So she came and helped me out in the situation and I kind of wrote a slight version of the story,” said Brice.

Lewis’ recent success does not end with iTunes and Spotify. The talented artist has been recognized by both Billboard and Rolling Stones Magazine. For Lewis the accolades were something to celebrate.

“Oh man I woke up, it was early this year we got top 10 or 15 Billboard. Billboard put it and so I woke up and was like that’s pretty awesome. We got Rolling Stones last year. We just kind of keep building on it. I tell you what my Instagram followers went from 10.1 thousand to like 11.5 thousand in like three days, so it jumped me up quite a bit. It was a good day. I enjoyed it, I was down in Key West when I got the news so it was fun,” said Lewis.

Since his EP was released Lewis has been able to share the stage with some of the best in country music today. Some of those stars include Hank Williams Jr, Jerrod Niemann, Gary Allan, LOCASH, and more.

“Absolutely awesome. Hank was a treat. I mean after the first time I opened up for him I got to meet him he was like you’re that guy, you’re that guy that sounds like he know what he’s doing. That’s about all I got out of him, but we got a picture and that, he was awesome. I was out this weekend with Tyler Farr and we had packed houses he had rowdy crowd out there It was fun. I opened up for my brother every once and a while, Lee Brice. That’s always a good time. Normally during his set he’ll get me up and we’ll sing a song I wrote with him called ‘Alabama’ which is on my EP. Yeah man the whole group are good good people,” said Lewis.

Lewis is currently working on releasing new music. Lewis plans on releasing up to five singles this year, providing his fans with a lot of content.

“A whole lot of new music coming out. Back in December I started once it kind of slowed down for me touring wise… I wrote like six songs in five days probably some of my best music I’ve ever written. So we’ll have a song probably coming out at the end of this month. My goal this year is to put out a ton of music, like put out four or five singles, and just put a lot of content out there,” said Lewis.

“It’ll end up being an EP or It might just be the second half of my EP… I’ll probably make another EP but I do want keep putting out singles about every couple of months,” continued Lewis.

To find out when Lewis’ new music will be released or where he will be playing next visit his website at Like him on Facebook (@LewisBrice), and Follow him on Instagram (lewisbrice) and Twitter (@lewisbrice).

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