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Jeff Dane

Jeff Dane is an American Country Singer/Songwriter. A native of Springfield, MO, Dane is now based out of Nashville, TN. Dane who is now pursuing a solo career, was the lead singer of The Lost Trailers

In 2014 after moving to Nashville Dane became the Lead Singer of The Lost Trailers. As a member of The Lost Trailers Dane began performing in front of crowds of 60,000 plus. After a successful run with The Lost Trailers Dane decided to pursue a solo career.

Dane released his single “Apple Pie Moonshine” in 2015. In the Fall of 2016 Dane released his EP Hillbilly Fire which featured songs like “Apple Pie Moonshine”, “LA Love Song”, and the title track “Hillbilly Fire”.

Dane’s current single is “Leave You With a Song” Dane is donating 10 percent of the proceeds of the song to the victims of the Las Vegas Shootings.

Follow Dane on Facebook (@ManiacDaniac), Instagram (maniacdaniac), and Twitter (@maniacdaniac)

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