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James Dupre´ Is Set To Release New Music In March

Country artist James Dupre´ is excited to release new music to country radio. Coming off the success of his first radio single “Stoned To Death” Dupre´ will be releasing a new single to country radio in March.

Dupre´ competed on season 9 of The Voice. Since the show the talented artist has been hard at work. Dupre´ has released an album and been out on the road touring all over the country.

““Since The Voice I put out a new album called Stoned To Death and I'm really excited about it. Seven out of the 10 songs I cowrote. The first single “Stoned To Death” was amazing, it was a lot of fun to put out. It was my very first radio single of my career. So it was pretty amazing and we’re about to put out the second single called “Hurt Good” in March. Yeah I'm just really stoked to see what people think and get out on the road an play it live,” said Dupre´

Dupre´ is extremely proud of all of the songs on his album Stoned To Death including his next radio single “Hurt Good” All of the songs on the record including “Hurt Good” are a collection of Dupre´ favorite original songs he has comprised over his last six years in Nashville. “Hurt Good” is a song that almost didn’t make the cut, but according to Dupre’ it is a song unlike any


“That was actually one of the last songs we put on the album. We cam across it kind of at the last hour, but it was this dark sexy kind of vibe that none of the other songs had. I was like well we need that song. When I play it at my shows everybody just loves it you know. It’s one of the favorites on the album,” said Dupre´.

Dupre´s first radio sing was the title track on his album “Stoned To Death”. “Stone To Death” is one of the songs Dupre´ did not write, but from the moment the talented artist heard the song he knew he wanted to cut it.

“Well that’s actually one of the ones I did not write on. Actually a few years ago it was pitched to me and I know one of the writers Jeff Hyde and actually Clint Daniels is on there too. It was a rough vocal guitar demo and I immediately fell in love with the song. It took a few years but we finally got in the studio and decided to cut it, and it turned out incredible,” said Dupre´.

During his time on The Voice Dupre´ not only gained new fans , but he made life long friends that continue to help him in his career. Dupre´ who was on Team Adam Levine has remained in contact with fellow Team Adam Alum Manny Cabo.

“You know when we were on the show together there was kind of a small group of guys, four or five of us and we became really close. Manny was actually my roommate for while we were there so he and I got to be really close. He’s an incredible photographer and he moved from New Jersey to Nashville last year. We try to get together every now and then maybe drink a few whiskeys or whatever. A couple of weeks ago we had a photoshoot and he just did an incredible job, he’s a lot of fun,” said Dupre´.

Dupre´ plus to go out on tour this summer. To see if Dupre´ will be visiting a town near you visit his website at Like him on Facebook (@jamesdupremusic) and Follow him on Instagram (@jamesdupre) and Twitter (@JamesDupre).

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