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Mark Bray Gets Gets His First Top 40 Hit With 'For Love'

Country artist Mark Bray’s career has gotten off to a great start. The talented artist who is originally from South Florida now has a top 40 hit with his first radio single “For Love”.

The moment Bray first heard his single “For Love” on the radio was an indescribable moment for the talented artist. For Bray it was a moment filled with pride and accomplishment, something he will never forget.

“You know I’ve had people ask me what you just asked me, and I have yet to come up with the right response because it’s a feeling you cant describe. Really it’s like a sense of accomplishment, it’s a sense of wow there are people right now that like my song enough to put it on the real radio. That’s mind blowing and it’s a surreal feeling. You really cant put it into words. It’s such an awesome feeling. You know it’s an accomplishment, it’s pride. All kind of words can be used to describe it,” said Bray.

“For love”, Bray's first radio single hit number 36 on the Music Row Charts. According to Bray the song is a fun song that talks about that there is nothing a guy wouldn’t do for love. Bray’s single has not only been well received by radio it has been well received by fans as well and Bray is extremely thankful for that.

“Well we were really fortunate. Our first single called ‘For Love’ got our very first top 40 out of it, which was 36 on Music Row. That has everything to do with our team that helped do that. It is a fun song. It’s the first release from this record. Cole Degges and Rusty Tabor wrote the song. It’s fun, its energetic, it’s kind of a good way to introduce me since this is my first record. It’s a light hearted song. It doesn’t take itself seriously. We were shocked pleasantly by the reception that we got from Country Radio nationwide picking it up and playing it,” said Bray.

“Not surprised in a bad way. Just thankful that it was just embraced the way it was. I mean we believe in every song on the record. We think every single song can be a single but just the programming directors, the on air folks the listeners, the people calling in they really enjoyed it…. They enjoyed listening to it just as much as we enjoyed making it and that’s when you know it’s a great song. It’s a good radio play single. I mean it was such a good response to it, I couldn’t be more thrilled,” continued Bray.

About a month and a half ago Bray released a music video for “For Love”. The music video was shot in two locations. Bray shot the video on the campus of State College and Club 66. The portion shot at Club 66 was a way for Bray to put on a free show for his fans.

“…Half of the video was shot up at State College in Penn State. We went there with a camera and you know did some walking scenes through the streets while I'm singing into the camera. Students/people just walking by they didn’t know what we were doing. Thankfully no one turned around and flipped off the camera or anything like that didn’t happen,” said Bray

“The other stuff was shot a very historic private club in Edgewood Maryland called club 66. It’s a venue where lots of great bands from the mid Atlantic over the years have played and some bigger names too. Pete Bess played there, The Ravens played there. It’s pretty cool and it kind of looks like an old barn and it was so much fun. It was a fun video to shoot we had our fans come and be a part of the live crowd. We kind of gave them a free show and just caught it all on video and it came out so well,” continued Bray.

For Bray touring has been made easier by his band The Steel Soul Cowboys. According to Bray the chemistry he and guys share on stage helps put on an awesome show for his fans.

“My guys are the best. The Steel Soul Cowboys, they will bring it every single time. The energy that they bring, the chemistry that they have on stage with each other with me ..we’ve been playing with each for six years you know this kind incarnation of the band has been maybe the last year and a half. It’s like we got all the right pieces in place, but you know the fans, people that come to see us play they really really feed into the energy on stage. It’s been a blessing. It’s hard work but it’s fun. I love it and I think they love it too. And if they don’t they’re just not telling me,” said Bray.

“[My favorite thing about touring is] meeting new people, you know at the end of the show if one person that’s never seen us before comes up to me and is like you know what you’re the guy man you blew me away. You brought it and you made me a fan. That’s what makes it all worth it,” continued Bray.

With Bray’s single “For Love” the talented artists is well on his way to a successful career in country music. To follow Bray’s career like him on Facebook (@markbraycountry), and follow him on both Instagram (@markbraycountry) and Twitter (@MarkBrayCountry).

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