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Red Marlow Feels Blessed to be a Semifinalist on The Voice

Red Marlow once again impressed The Voice coaches and fans with his rendition of Craig Morgan’s “That’s What I Love About Sunday”. The traditional country singer will compete tonight for a chance to advance to The Voice finale.

Marlow chose to sing “That’s What I Love About Sunday” in part because of his personal connection to the song. Mark Namore one of the writers on the song went to the church that Marlow grew up in. According to Marlow the Preacher in the song is his father and the freckled face kid is him. Not only does Marlow have a personal connection to the song he felt as though it gave him the best opportunity to advance to The Top 8.

“Well I felt like trying to get to the top 8 i had to put out a pretty big song in my opinion because i mean the competition is so unbelievable here. So I just thought it’s just such a great song. A great song is always to me, is well written,” said Marlow.

“You know i just figured that America would like it as well. It’s just traditional country, it’s something I love to do. I thought they would probably enjoy it and it turned out they liked it pretty good. it got me on through to the top eight,” continued Marlow.

After months of hard work for the artists on The Voice, the end of the season is near. Each of the top eight are deserving of a spot in the Finale and Marlow is no different. From the being the talented artist has been a favorite. Being able to call himself a semifinalist on The Voice is a surreal feeling for Marlow.

“Well it’s kind of a surreal feeling you know I'm just very blessed to be here. All these guys like I've said a hundred times are such such great talented singers and for me to be in the middle of that is overwhelming honestly. You know I'm very happy to be here and hopefully we can move forward to the finale,” said Marlow.

If Marlow can have another performance like last week he will have a great shot of advancing to the finale. Marlow's version of “That’s What I Love About Sunday” reached the number 14 spot on the overall iTunes charts and number one on the country charts. Marlow admits he had to take a step back to truly appreciate where the song finished on the charts.

“You know it feels great. It’s funny because we were all sitting there hoping we could get in that top 10 to get the multiplier not really thinking what a huge honor it is to be on that list. We kind of had to pinch ourselves, get back to reality. I think I got up to #14 that humongous even to get up to that. So I had to give myself a little kick in the butt and remember hey it’s pretty amazing anywhere on that list much less in the top 15 songs,” said Marlow.

Not only have fans been reaching out to Marlow expressing their love and support for his music some of country music’s biggest stars have come out in support of the talented artist as well. This past week Ty Herndon urged his fans to vote for Marlow tweeting “Please vote @redmarlow Country music needs a "Voice" like his! #TheVoice #TeamBlake.” The show of support from Herndon is an honor for Marlow.

“…I actually didn't know that but wow. That guy he’s one of the best singers to me that country music’s ever had. So to have him say something like that is pretty phenomenal. Wow what an honor.. Like I said I obviously hadn't seen that, but for Ty to do something like that it’s a huge honor. He didn’t have to do that, not to mention he’s just a phenomenal singer. So for him to go out there on a limb and put that out for me, it’s really awesome,” said Marlow.

Marlow and his fellow Team Blake artists are the only team that has remained fully intact to this point. Not only has Blake Shelton’s team remained intact with Marlow. Chloe Kohanski and Keisha Renee, but two former Team Blake members remain as well. Noah Mac who is on Jennifer Hudson’s team and Adam Cunningham who is on Adam Levine’s remain in the competition. For Cunningham it s has been a rocky road and after he was saved last week he and Marlow embraced

“Well you know Adam and I actually roomed together up until now. We all had to share rooms. We roomed together the whole competition up until this point. So you know he and i have gotten to be pretty good friend. To see him come from the bottom two, two weeks in a row to get called out. I was tickled to death for him,” said Marlow.

Each artist would not be here in the competition if it weren't for their fans. Marlow is extremely grateful to his fans for all of the work that they put in to help him advance each week.

“Gosh, every week it gets bigger and bigger and better. The fact that all the great fans and friends of mine are out there working so hard for me, they're doing all the foot work. You know out there on social media, drumming up votes, and getting people to go iTunes. I mean I’m just flattered and honored by them. I’m so thankful to have them all,” said Marlow.

To see what song Marlow will perform in the Semifinals tune in to NBC’s The Voice tonight at 8pm EST.

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