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Josh Gallagher Has A Bright Future in Country Music

Since his journey on The Voice came to an end almost one year ago country artist Josh Gallagher has been keeping himself extremely busy. The talented artist has been playing a bunch of shows and working on new music.

Last Saturday Gallagher performed in Nashville’s Christmas Parade. It was not his fist time in a parade, last month Gallagher participated in Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The talented artist got the opportunity to ride the entire parade route. According to Gallagher it was a great experience being able to see fans and perform his new song “How Bout You.”

“It’s cool to get back to finally get back in front of a whole bunch of fans. You always want to try and stay relevant, you know after the show things seem to go a little dormant. It’s just that we’re working on a whole bunch of stuff trying to keep a little secret. We don't want to put too much out there so we can surprise everybody whenever it does comes and whatever does happen. So it’s good to get back in front of everybody,” said Gallagher.

Gallagher is hoping his new song “How Bout You” will become his next radio single with in the next few months. Gallagher wrote “How Bout You” with friends Will Duvall and Mark Addison Chandler. According to Gallagher while the song took a long time to write it has become his favorite song he has been a part of.

“… it it was probably a four to five hour write by the time the write was over I was kind of spaced out and was kind of pulling the end of the train there at the end just kind o f trying to get over the rest of the hill. I went out and did a gig. On my way home I listened to the work tape and I listened to it over and over and over and there’s just something about that song, the way it’s configured melodically and lyrically it’s really really good,” said Gallagher.

“It’s catchy and people can latch on to it very very quickly. As soon as we wrote it we knew we had something really special. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons I want to put it out and it’s one of my favorite songs I have written and been a part of. You know when you like a song that you've done and it’s good and you think everyone will like it than that’s just a bonus,” continued Gallagher.

According to Gallagher “How Bout You” is a breakup song that everyone who presses play can relate to. Gallagher is proud of the way the song turned out.

“It’s a breakup song that everybody I'm sure can relate to at some point in their life. You know you get in relationships and sometimes you eventually get out of them. You know things happen, but you always try to put that face on up front. You never show that inside you're just losing your mind. You just don't know what to do you're lost,” said Gallagher.

“So we came up with ‘How Bout You’ saying that you know anytime you go through a breakup or something terrible in your life you want that front that you're ok but inside you're losing your mind. So if someone asks you hey how are you doing? I heard you’re… Oh I'm good yeah, I'm perfectly fine how bout you? You know very very conversational. It’s really cool the way it came out,” continued Gallagher.

For Gallagher his favorite part about writing songs like “How Bout You”, is figuring out the hook of the chorus and seeing the reaction of those in the room.

“…My favorite part about songwriting is getting to that hook line in the chorus and watching everybody’s faces, whether you're playing it out or the other writers in the room. When you get to those last two lines of the chorus, the setup line and the hook line when they just come together and everybody looks around at each other and goes like what just just happened. if you can get lucky enough and you get to a hook and a setup line that’s good, everybody just looks at each other like their minds just got blown. Thats my favorite part about songwriting for sure,” said Gallagher.

While Gallagher did not win season 11 of The Voice he did win over a lot of fans. The talented singer/songwriter has a bright future in country music. To follow along on his journey visit, like Gallagher on Facebook,(@Joshgallmusic) and follow him on Instagram (@ojoshgallaghermusic) and Twitter (@joshgallmusic).

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