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Red Marlow's Traditional Country Sound is His Key to Success On The Voice

With his traditional country sound Red Marlow continues to make his way in to the hearts of country music fans everywhere, helping the talented artist advance each week.

Last week on The Voice America got to choose what songs the artists would perform and for Marlow America chose “The Dance” by Garth Brooks. Marlow who is part of a select few that has sung one of Brooks’ songs on the show was floored that America thought so much of him that they would trust him with such a song.

“Well to get the opportunity to get to sing ‘The Dance’ it was one of the biggest things, I couldn't have asked for a better song. You know America chose those songs for us. So for them to put faith in me that I can actually pull off a Garth Brooks song was man that was just you know over the top,” said Marlow.

“I was so honored that America thinks enough of me as a vocalist that I could actually sing a Garth Brooks song and then to see how they responded and put us up at number one on the country charts and number 9 overall on the iTunes charts it was humbling. Just surreal all at the same time I was just amazed at how that worked,” said Marlow.

In recent weeks Marlow has had great success on the iTunes charts. This week Marlow sang “That’s What I Love About Sunday” by Craig Morgan. Marlow’s version of the song reached the top 20 on the overall iTunes Charts and number one on the Country Charts. Last week Marlow’s version of “The Dance” reached number 9 on the overall charts, making it the highest charting song for Marlow so far this season. Waking up to his version of “The Dance” in the top 10 meant the world to Marlow.

“Well you know you spend your whole life as an artist and a singer songwriter out there trying to do it and to wake up and see you're sitting #1 on the Country iTunes charts and the number 9 on the overall that’s all the firkin musicians and superstars in the country. I mean there’s no words I mean literally there's no word I can come up with to explain how that feels. It’s overwhelming you know we've worked our whole lives in my case I've been doing this for basically 15 years. All I've done is music and to see something like that come to fruition is just amazing. It’s a huge deal and huge honor,” said Marlow.

Blake Shelton’s team this season on The Voice has proven to be extremely strong. In addition to Marlow’s iTunes success teammates Keisha Renee and Chloe Kohanski finished in the Top 20 on the overall charts as well. Currently in the show there are five artists in the Top 10 that are either currently on Team Blake or once held a spot on the talented team. In addition to Kohanski, Marlow, and Keisha Renee, Adam Cunningham and Noah Mac were once on Team Blake.

“Yeah I mean it’s crazy to think that five people that Blake actually started out with or chose or stolen or however that went down [are still on the show]. You know the fact that you still have five people that have been on Blake’s team to still be here and you know for the top 8 next week, it’s nuts just think that I'm a part of that. Everybody is so good, such great singers and man I'm honored to be apart of it,” said Marlow.

Marlow would not be having the success on the show if ti weren't for his fans. The talented artist feels blessed for all of the support his fans have shown him. Whether it is sharing an article, voting, or buying the songs Marlow cannot be more grateful.

“You know I've been very fortunate. I mean for the most part all the fans have been extremely kind and full of great words. It just means the world when people are out there supporting you, and pushing you forward, sharing everything on all of your social media, basically working for you,” said Marlow.

“It’s just crazy that when the fans love you enough that they'll actually take time out of their day to do work for you. It’s not like they're getting paid. They just love what you do and they believe in you. They’ll sit there and work and share articles like yours and you know try to get the word spread around so people will vote. The fan support there’s nothing bigger than that. I'm so blessed to have such amazing fans,” continued Marlow.

From the Blind Auditions it has been clear that Marlow is 100 percent a traditional country singer. According to Marlow being true to who he s gives him the best chance at advancing on The Voice.

“Well i mean you know for everybody that’s watched and is watching The Voice I know that everybody sees that I'm just doing what I do. I do traditional style country songs, that’s all I'm going to do. That’s all I know how to do. I'm just a traditional country singer so at the end of the day I mean everybody know when I step out on that stage they're going to hear a traditional style country song,” said Marlow.

“That’s my game plan, whether it’s good or bad, that’s the way I believe I'm going to keep going. I like to be true to me and true country music and I like to standup for the traditional guys. I love to do that. So I’m going to go out there and sing traditional country music and have fun doing it. Hopefully they'll keep voting me through,” continued Marlow.

To see if Marlow will advance to the top eight on The Voice tune in to to the results show on NBC at 8pm EST.

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