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Morgan Alexander Feels At Home On Stage

Morgan Alexander is working on getting new music out to his fans across the country. The talented artist is also working on playing more shows around Nashville, and working on putting on a tour for 2018.

Alexander who plays a lot of shows around Nashville recently got to share the stage with a talented duo. Last month after the CMA Awards Alexander got the opportunity to play a show with Love and Theft. The show took place at Acme Feed & Seed in Downtown Nashville and for Alexander it was a great experience.

“That was a lot of fun not only are they great guys, the band is absolutely talented. They just have a real professionalism about their performance, just a great show. The interaction between both of them is just amazing,” said Alexander.

“…Seeing artists that you know take extra time out of their busy lives and careers just to say hi to anybody and everybody who would want to meet them I always admire that in artists that take the time to just stop what they're doing, meet and say hello, hug and send love back to the people who love them the most,” continued Alexander.

Each year Alexander embarks on a tour and 2018 will be no different. The talented artist will return to some of his favorite places like his hometown of Oregon in January, where he will play a couple weeks worth of shows. In 2018 Alexander hopes to be able to visit the North East for the first time, hitting places like New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, among others. By going on tour it is a chance for Alexander to meet his fans.

“I think it goes back to meeting the people that I'm performing for. I've met so many cool people along the way. People that work behind the scenes that help make the shows run. The sound engineers, the lighting guys, the owners, the event planners, the people that you know help fund the shows… Then getting to meet all of the fans, people that want to come up and say hi and say thank you for the music and they listen to it at home. Meeting the little ones that know all the words to your songs already when they’re three, four, five years old it’s just a lot of fun,” said Alexander.

Being on stage for Alexander is a release, a way he can forget about every day life and just do what he loves. The talented artist loves playing with his band and being able to interact with the crowd.

“Absolutely just the energy, the camaraderie that you get with the people that you play with. The interactions you get with the people you're playing for with the people that are listening in the audience. For me it’s alway just t a release. It lets all the worries I have in my mind go away. I'm absolutely at home when I get to perform on stage,” said Alexander.

In addition to going out on tour and playing shows across Nashville, Alexander is getting ready to release a new radio single. “I Need A Drink” is off of Alexander’s Album The Story Maker. According to Alexander it is a song everyone can relate to.

“I think it would just be fun to put it out there. I know that every time I play it live, or I get responses from people who have The Story Maker Album they love that song. It’s one of their favorites. So more or less fan reaction [is why I] want to put that into the world. I think anybody can relate to that kind of a song. Just the title alone, you hear that common phrase throughout your friendships or the people you work with or know. The day has gotten frustrating or something has happened to them, and they're like hey I need a drink,” said Alexander.

"The premise of the song is more based around a relationship that I believe a lot of people have encountered. Where the relationship has either ended or maybe they didn't see something coming. They caught somebody walking in with them, had somebody else on their arm and you're kind of like wait a second I thought we were together. Just kind of that whole little situation of seeing the moment, being hurt by it, but saying you know what I'm better than this. I'm going to grab a drink, I'm going to dance, I'm going to have fun. I'm going to be crazy and be my own self,” continued Alexander.

For the fans who might not be able to see Alexander on stage and hear the songs Alexander has written over the years, the talented artist started web series called The Originals. For the series Morgan plays songs he has yet to record. The fan response has been great for Alexander and he enjoys all that goes in to making the videos.

“I think it’s fun to just sit here and play music. I mean for anyone who plays music I think they understand that our job is probably the funnest thing in the world. We get to do something we absolutely love and in turn create emotions in other people when they listen to the music. I get to sit here and play with all the bells and whistles and buttons and do the video editing and all that stuff myself. And I just get to play the music and share…” said Alexander.

To find out where the next show will be, when the next video will be uploaded, or when new music will be released visit Like the talented artist on Facebook, and follow him on Instagram (@morganalexandermusic) and Twitter (@MORGANALEXANDER).

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