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Keisha Renee Will Not Take No For An Answer

Keisha Renee continues to defy the odds and has advance to the Live Rounds on The Voice which begin tonight on NBC.

The R&B/Soul singer turned Country singer discovered her love for country music after moving to Houston for school. Keisha Renee had all but given up on a career in country music, but with the opportunity to be on The Voice came a new found determination to make it in country music.

“I’ve always had a love for good music period, storytelling type of music. But being from California I didn't really have the exposure to country music, but when I moved to Houston for school that’s when I was able to experience different genres of music. Even blues, I didn't really have that big of an influence of the blues genre growing up. I fell in love with how close they were blues and country. It’s all like a story telling emotional type of feel. I started making original country music, I presented it to different labels and they just couldn't wrap their mind around it,” said Keisha Renee.

“So I kind of just gave up on it. When I got the opportunity to come on The Voice I was like you know what this would be an amazing opportunity to give it a go one more time, to see if maybe I should stop. But I'm doing it… When you're told no so much it can get discouraging but when you're finally told yes on this type of platform it’s confidence central like I can do anything now,” continued Keisha Renee.

During the Playoffs Keisha Renee sang “Love Can Build A Bridge”. The talented singer delivered a performance that coach Blake Shelton could not ignore, and he chose her to move on to the Live shows. For Keisha Rene the belief that Shelton has shown in her abilities as a country artist has been overwhelming and dream come true.

“I was excited, I was just really grateful overall because I am doing something that is out of the ordinary. You know being a R&B/Soul singer most of my life to wanting to sing country. So for him to believe in me, someone who is a staple in the country music community it was overwhelming,” said Keisha Renee.

“I was very excited and it gave me a boost of confidence in myself to continue to go after what I want, no matter if it’s out of the ordinary or not really what people think I should do. I was excited that he really believes I have what it takes. It was overwhelming and it made me feel like I was one step closer to fulfilling this dream,” continued Keisha Renee.

So far on The Voice Keisha Renee has been able to work with some of the biggest names in music, including her coach. For Keisha Renee working with Shelton has been nothing short of amazing. The talented artist has been able to suck up every bit of advice and knowledge that Shelton has to offer.

“It’s been a dream a total dream. I feel like If I were to learn from anyone he would be best suited. He’s number one in country, he has an amazing career that didn't just start yesterday. You know he knows what he’s talking about. He's given me great advice along the way. I know nothing about this,” said Keisha Renee.

“This is new territory, all i know is how I feel when I hear it and it’s something that I want to do in my music. So to learn from someone that eats, sleeps, breaths it, it’s like I'm in a master class every time I have the opportunity to suck up all of his knowledge. And Im so grateful for that,” continued Keisha Renee.

Each round artists who compete on The Voice get to experience new and amazing things. For Keisha Renee the highlight of her journey on The Voice so far was her performance of “I Hope You Dance” during the Knockout Rounds.

“Yeah my performance of ‘I Hope You Dance’ that song means so much to me. And then to have the opportunity to record it. It’s going to be on iTunes forever. That was something I didn't even have on a bucket list. I didn't think it was possible. And to have the singer, LeAnne Womack reach out to me and give me so much love and support it was like wow I couldn't believe it. So that definitely is a highlight moment,” said Keisha Renee.

“I got to sing my favorite song, my daughter got to see me, and just the meaning behind it. You have choices in life and you can either choose to make the best of it or feel sorry for yourself. For so many years of my life, I didn't necessarily feel sorry for myself but I just felt like I was not good enough. I would never be what everyone said I could be, but after losing all this weight the sky is the limit. I want to do whatever god puts in my heart…” continued Keisha Renee.

In order for Keisha Renee to continue to advance through to next week and beyond the talented artist has to remain true to herself as an artist and to the songs she sings. If she is able to accomplish that Keisha Renee will continue to advance and accomplish her goal of inspiring people to never take no for an answer.

“…I know its about a singing competition, but I feel like my message is way bigger than that. I just want people to go after their best life, never take no for an answer. Yes you're going to get nos along the way but that one yes which for me was The Voice it made all the nos irrelevant…” said Keisha Renee.

The power to advance artist has now shifted from the coaches to the fans. Each week fans of The Voice will vote in hopes their favorite artist will advance. Tune in to The Voice on NBC tonight at 8pm EST to watch the start of the live rounds.

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