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Red Marlow Advances To The Lives on Season 13 of The Voice

Red Marlow is bringing traditional country music to The Voice. The talented artist’s unique country sound has made him a front runner to be crowned jason 13’s winner.

From the very beginning it was clear the Marlow and coach Blake Shelton where the perfect pairing. Both have a special place in their hearts for traditional country music and both have a passion for country music that is unmatched. According to Marlow the one thing that Shelton has said that has stuck with him throughout the competition is to just be himself.

“…It’s crazy we sing a lot alike. We sing a lot of the same licks, we grew up on the same music. I mean I ain’t trying to be bragging or anything but we literally sing a lot a like. So as far as pointers or anything like that I think it’s a little hard for him to give me a pointer per say. Sing this lick or whatever because we do sing a lot of the same licks and and everything. The main thing Blake has told me is just be yourself and don't try to be anything you're not,” said Marlow.

“Just go out there have fun do what you do. I've been doing it for 20 years so just said do what you do and that will come across, and I think that will work out real well. So that’s the best information he’s given me the whole time. Is just be you sing your songs and enjoy it,” continued Marlow.

Each round Marlow has been able to advance with amazing performances and The Voice Playoffs were no different. Marlow sang “Chiseled in Stone” by Country Music Legend Vern Gosdin. Marlow’s performance cemented his spot in the Live Shows. Of his performance Shelton said, “… Brother I have to dig you did a Vern Gosdin classic. The fact that you want to represent that era of country music, and I heard more in you singing tonight than ever before which were those riffs those runs…I couldn't be more proud as a coach, great job dude.” In order to keep impressing Shelton and the viewers Marlow has to remain true to who he is as an an artist.

“I hate to keep beating a dead horse but I just got to be me. I just have to go out there have fun and do what I always do. I mean, that’s what I want to do anyway. I don't want to be anything I'm not. I mean I’m just a hillbilly. I grew up in a little country town, Rogersville, Alabama. I am who I am, I don't try to dress any different. I'm not a flashy guy. I just love to sing songs. I love to touch people’s hearts, sing songs that matter….” said Marlow.

Marlow’s performance of “Chiseled in Stone” did extremely well on iTunes climbing into the Top 20 on the Country charts. This marks the second straight week where Marlow has had success on iTunes. Marlow’s performance of “Outskirts of Heaven” by Craig Campbell reached the top 30 of the iTunes Country Charts. The whole of idea of people buying Marlow’s music is extremely flattering to him.

“Well you know its a little surreal to see yourself up there with all the artists you've grown up with or see on the radio and on Tv. It’s very flattering that people step out there and buy your music. I mean I know 1.29 is not a lot of money, but money’s money man. It’s hard to come by these days and it really flattering. I'm honored that people like my singing enough to go out and do that… It’s very flattered and I’m very blessed,” said Marlow.

Marlow chose to sing “Outskirts of Heaven” in the Knockout Round because of his love for the song. For Marlow the song represents not only who he is as an artists, but the type of songs he would like to sing.

“Well Craig Campbell has been a good friend of mine for many years. So when he wrote that song he actually played it for me. [Craig] and Dave Turnbull another friend wrote that. And man I just loved that song from the day they wrote it. I always said if I ever got the opportunity to record that song or play it I’d just love to do that. It’s basically how I feel. I mean that song is my kind of song so at the end of the day that song could've been written for me. It’s everything I love about a song…” said Marlow.

With each passing round from the Blind Auditions to the Playoffs come new experiences for each of the artists. Coming into the competition Marlow underestimate the the challenges that come with competing on The Voice.

“Well there again nerves always play a factor for me and it’s a totally different world. I’ve played Stagecoach in front of gosh 80 thousand people, but when you're in that room with the coaches, and the whole competition aspect of it it’s just a different world. You know it’s a lot of pressure, you got cameras all in your face,” said Marlow.

“I didn't give people enough credit, it’s tough I mean now being on the show, it’s really tough to do the show. Like i said you just buckle down, learn your song, try to make sure you know it well, and basically let muscle memory take over if some thing happens. It’s a lot of fun. Once you get up there and get going its a blast especially when you get picked to move forward. It makes it that much better,” continued Marlow.

Marlow will now move on to the Live Rounds where the top 12 will compete for the viewers’ vote. If Marlow can continue his strong performance he will have no trouble advancing each week.

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