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Megan Rose is Ready To Take Advantage of Her Opportunities on The Voice

After trying out for The Voice for a third time Megan Rose can finally finds herself on the show. The talented singer landed on Team Miley Cyrus with her rendition of “Ode To Billie Joe” by Bobbie Gentry, before being stolen by coach Blake Shelton in The Battle Rounds.

Megan Rose did not give up on The Voice because of her passion for music. Megan Rose believes the maturity in her voice and more of a knowledge of who she is as an artist ,is what made her successful in her third time trying out for The Voice.

“Definitely my age. I think I was 15 or 16 the first time I tried out, and then I tried again for the next season after that, but I was still in high school both times I went to the open tryouts. I think age and just the maturity in my voice and still trying to differentiate myself at that time and really knowing who I am. I'm still figuring out who I am as an artist, but I've established that a little more than I did at those ages when I first tried out,” said Megan Rose.

“So I think that definitely helped and just knowing what I want and who I am and also having that time to improve. Being told no made me work even harder and realize it’s not easy and I think that I thought before it was a little bit easier than it actually was…” continued Megan Rose

Megan Rose faced off against Ashland Craft during The Battle Rounds. The pair sang the country classic “Good Hearted Woman” by Waylon Jennings. Cyrus would choose Craft as the winner leaving Megan Rose’s fate on The Voice in limbo. As the talented artist walked off the stage Shelton pushed his button to steal Megan Rose in the nick of time.

“Oh man, Ashland and I are really close. We became really close during the Battles. I was genuinely happy for her and Miley chose her as the winner because she deserves it just as much as anyone else. We worked really really hard together, but we worked really really well together. Of course you don't want to go home, I was just happy that Miley gave me a chance and used her last spot on me. I was happy, I was a little bit sad, but I was ok and then I was on stage and I was like ok I'm going home, and then Blake pushed the button and I was in shock. I really was not expecting it,” said Megan Rose

“What people don't know is… when Carson says Megan is available to steal up until that point the buttons are hot and they can press them. I was right about to pass Adam and Blake pressed his button. I for sure thought I was going home which made it even more crazy and shocking when I heard that go off and turned around and saw that Blake had stolen me. I was trying really hard not to cry tears of joy because I did plenty of that during my Blind Audition. So yeah it was a rollercoaster because like I said I was genuinely happy for Ashland but I didn't want to go home either. So having Blake steal me and give me another chance was amazing,” continued Megan Rose.

During the Battle Round Megan Rose worked with not only Miley, but her dad Billy Ray Cyrus who served as Team Miley’s advisor. According to Megan Rose the experience of working with both Miley and Billy Ray was surreal.

“That was really surreal because of course that was the first time I had ever gotten to really work with Miley. I met her during my Blind Audition, but being able to actually work with her and her dad was so crazy and just really awesome. Especially because I grew up watching both of them on TV, on Hannah Montana and looking up to them.So then actually being in the same room as them, working on a song, and singing with them together, and having a conversation with them was really surreal. They're both so wise, and they know so much about the music industry and country music. So I'm really glad I got to work with them and I feel like I learnt so much just from that experience,” said Megan Rose.

With the steal Meagan Rose’s journey on The Voice will not only continue, but it will allow her to learn from another industry expert. One of Megan Rose’s goals on The Voice is to be able to learn everything she can from the coaches.

“Of course you know everybody is in it to win it, and I want to go really far. I also just want to learn as much as possible. Not many people get to experience something like this and I want to take advantage of the wisdom and the knowledge that Blake and Miley have to offer me. And to take advantage as much as I can because they both have been in the industry for a really long time so they know what they're talking about…” said Megan Rose. \

When it comes to The Knockout Rounds Megan Rose is excited to show fans who she is as an artist and how much she has improved since The Blind Auditions.

“For the Knockout Rounds Im just excited to step out there and be like hey this who I am. I'm really excited for everybody to hear what song I'm singing and the amount of hard work that I put into it. And now with having worked with Miley and now working with Blake I think that I’ve improved a lot since I started on the show. So I'm just really excited for people to see that,” said Megan Rose.

The Knockout Rounds begin tonight on NBC. To follow along on Megan Rose’s journey like her on Facebook, and follow her Instagram ( and Twitter (@MeganRoseMusic).

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