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Great Things Are On Tap For Barrett Baber

Barrett Baber has had an exciting year filled with New music and touring. The talented artist is ready to have an even better 2018 as he continues to work towards his goal of being a national touring act.

Almost one year ago Baber released his album A Room Full of Fighters. The album which was the first Baber released after being on The Voice, has done extremely well for him. According to Baber not only is A Room Full of Fighters one of the best project the Arkansas native has worked on but, it has given Baber a lot of great opportunities.

“I’d say that A Room Full of Fighters has done a lot of things for me. It’s opened a lot of doors and my hope is that people that were fans of mine from The Voice got a hold of the record and realized that indeed there's a whole lot more than just a guy singing on a TV show singing covers. Sonically and musically it’s a great project and people have responded to it

in kind and have support it. I also know that there’s a lot of people out there that don't even know about it and that’s the hard part about doing the music thing independently. Just getting the word out, spreading the word to people,” said Baber.

“And it’s honestly the hardest part about The Voice is when you do The Voice you get off the show and there’s some excitement, but over time people are continuing to watch the show and fall in love with new contestants. That’s totally cool, but you know you cant get lost in the shuffle. So I've been working hard to promote this project. It still hasn't reached its full potential. I believe it’s one of the best projects I've ever worked on and created. I'm so proud of it. It makes you feel good when people discover it now. There are still people every week that tweet me or say to me, I just got your record and I love it from top to bottom..” continued Baber.

One of Baber’s sponsors is Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola/Walmart team has allowed Baber to play a lot of shows out on the road. This Fall, Baber has been visiting Walmarts all over Texas and Arkansas as a way to give back to The Coca-Cola/Walmart team and to meet with fans, new and old. Baber has enjoyed being able to talk with fans, which he called the best part of his day.

“I’ve had a really really good year. playing a ton of shows ,and staying very busy out on the road. A lot of that has to do with my great sponsor Coca-Cola, the Coca-Cola/Walmart team. The way I'm kind of giving back a little bit is getting out on the road for a couple of weeks this fall and popping in to Walmarts all over Texas and Arkansas to meet with fans, take pictures and shake hands. Do the things that sometimes a politician would do, you know get in front of a person and really kind of win them over…” said Baber.

“Without a doubt the best part of my day, is getting to talk to fans. People that that I know that have supported me from the beginning of this crazy journey that I’m on, and that still support me today. Just to see their excitement, but also to feel how proud they are for me and how proud to say they were on board from the beginning. You know that’s the best part of this is really just the kindness of other people that are strangers. It’s amazing to know that there’s people out that I don't even know that are supporting what I do by spreading the word about the music,” continued Baber.

One of Baber’s newest sponsors is Bad Boy Mowers. Bad Boy Mowers which is based in Arkansas has backed artists like Rascal Flatts and Willie Nelson in the past. Like Coca-Cola Bad Boy Mowers will help Baber continue living is dream.

“Bad Boy Mowers make a great product and they do it in such a cool way, really efficiently here in Arkansas and they pass on savings to their consumers. It’s really was a match made in heaven for me. It’s a blue collar company for blue collar people that are out there working hard. They're trying to provide a great product and then they're an Arkansas based company and so it kind of made sense to partner with them,” said Baber.

“They've come on really strong this year and they're going to do so next year to help support what I'm doing, help support touring. Because you know it’s a tough financial thing for anybody to do independently because they're so many coasts involved, the travel, paying a band, and sometimes getting to markets where they'll only be 50 or a 100 people come to the show and not an arena full of people. So when that’s the case I want to play those shows, I want to play those markets and play for those people cause I know that’s how you grow a fanbase. I'm also responsible to my kids, to my wife, and to myself to make a living in this so you got to be creative in how you do that. And the way that we do it is we partner with great sponsors like Bad Boy Mowers and I'm excited to work with them,” continued Baber.

Not only will Baber be playing more shows, there will be new music coming from the talented singer. The Arkansas native who now lives in Nashville has been writing more then ever and will be getting in the studio soon.

“That’s coming soon,new music is happening.We’re working right now to get some tracking days in Nashville, another day in the studio to start a new project. I'm not 100% sure what it’s going to look like. We've got a couple of off the wall ideas that are different that we may want to attempt that involve making maybe three separate little records that are different genres, release them all at once or sequentially. So it’s kind of fun, you know we’re in that creative stage,” said Baber.

“I’ve been writing a lot of great songs in Nashville now that I live there. My catalog is growing of really good music. So I got a lot of great songs to choose from and we’re getting in the studio in a couple of weeks to start recording. We’re in the process of picking those songs so the hope is we can get something, at least a new single out here in the next several months and get that cranking. So people can get excited about it, help us move the needle, and keep on moving forward to what we’re after which is really becoming a sustainable legitimate national touring act,” continued Baber.

Baber is thankful for all the support he has received from his fans. The support of his fans has allowed the talented singer to chase his dreams.

“It’s been a great run and it’s still going. So thanks to everybody for the support, I know especially you Heather have been on board from the jump and we’re not done yet. We've got a long way to go. A lot of work to be done, music to be made, and we’re working hard. You know the dream itself is to just make a living in the music business, which I am now living that dream,” said Baber.

“But if it doesn't come all the way true It wont be because I haven't worked very very hard. That’s the thing I can control, how hard I work. My grind and my effort in the music that I make. So I hope people, if you don't have A Room Full of Fighters give it a shot. Come out to the shows and that’s how you can help continue this dream coming off The Voice, and move on down the road. So thank you,” continued Baber.

To follow along on Baber’s journey visit his website, like him on Facebook, and Follow him on Instagram (barrettbaber) and Twitter (@BarrettBaber.

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