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Dennis Drummond is Ready To Be Front and Center

Dennis Drummond has gone from the background to the forefront. Drummond who has played guitar for former Voice artists Barret Baber, Nolan Neal, and Adam Wakefield, now finds himself on Team Blake.

Drummond started playing guitar professionally when he was 12 years old and he has been at it ever since. The talented musician was is in a trio in Ohio, he and his bandmates would play 10 minute versions of songs with each getting a guitar solo. After paying his dues in Ohio Drummond decided to make his way to Nashville which would lead him to The Voice Stage.

“..,When I moved to Nashville the only way I could turn this into a career was if I played guitar professionally. So that’s what I’ve been doing in Nashville for the past 5 years. I played with Adam Wakefield, Nolan Neal, Barrett Baber people who were from The Voice. I knew Adam when he was doing what Im doing now,” said Drummond.

“Me and Adam go way back, before he was on the show. When he was out there playing for people and singing harmonies. Every now and then we would get together and have a reason to get weird and play weird jazz, we’re both music fools, straight stupid silly. We would find one little pizza shop and we would go play there on a Thursday nights because we wanted to. Then after The Voice I saw how much it helped him get his feet on the ground. My buddy Nolan actually [asked me] do you ever think about ever trying to do it man? You're singing a lot, you're playing a lot. why don't you take a step out as an artist?… I’ its been a great experience so far,” Drummond continued.

Drummond sang “She Talks To Angels” by The Black Crowes during his Blind Audition. Coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine turned their chairs. While Drummond admits it was a tough choice, he decided to go with Shelton because of not only the Adam Wakefeild connection, but because of Shelton’s connection with country music.

“I've always been a guitar player that sings instead of being a singer who plays, I’ve always put that forward in my career. When I would sing a song I’d be adamant about telling a story. My favorite songwriters, my favorite singers are not always the biggest vocal acrobats. They're not doing the runs and the flips you know all that stuff. It’s just telling a good story and selling a good song. And that’s always something being that I don't have the big range, the big falsettos. I was always working with what i had. I realized with country music that’s always a big thing telling a story. Obviously there’s a lot of great voices in country, the killer in country music is the storyline. When you hear a song you're like oh my goodness, the verse comes around and you're crying. It’s like wow, that hit me hard…” said Drummond.

“Seeing how he was able to let Adam [Wakefield] navigate his time on the show, we have similar tastes in music. Adam is obviously different, but it’s similar. I wanted to be able to lean towards that because thats alway resonated with me. The era and the songwriters, Paul Simon, the era who were telling the stories in songs…” continued Drummond.

When Levine and Shelton turned their chairs Drummond was flooded with a wide range of emotions. Drummond while excited was extremely nervous as well.

“Oh man some people asked did you get calmer [when the chairs turned], I was like no. Everything is hypothetical at that point. Everything is in your brain, when it happens you performing. So you have to get through it. I'm used to playing for audiences for big and small, it’s just a unique experience. I've had so many emotions running through like oh crap this is a thing now…I’m pretty low key. I don't like to draw too much spotlight. When it happened I knew i was going to be on the show. All those thoughts went through my brain. When Blake turned around it was like oh my god, that was a chance they're going to air it and not montage it or something like that. I'm actually going to get some face time. It was just a lot to take in. You prep for that moment and you do so much preparation…when it actually happens its like oh crap…” said Drummond.

Drummond has been receiving a lot of support from fans. In addition to the support from fans Drummond has received a lot of support for Baber, Neal, and Wakefield. Baber and Neal have both gone to social media and shared Drummond’s Voice videos with their fans.

“I’ve known those guys for a while, they're good buddies of mine. It’s cool because I played for them and now they're supporting me too. So it’s a cool little weird feeling because they're such great guys and I respect them so much musically. I'm going out and playing guitar with Barrett in a couple of weeks. I'm still in it with them. So having everybody share that stuff with their fans, their fans have seen me through them…that’s really cool,” said Drummond.

Drummond is excited to be able to share his music with fans a platform like The Voice.

The talented musician loves being able to meet fans and share bond/connection through music. Drummond will now compete in the Battle Rounds against teammate Mitchell Lee. To follow along follow Drummond on Instagram and Twitter, and like him on Facebook.

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