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Natalie Stovall is Ready To Make a Big Splash On The Voice

From The Opryland Kids Club to The Voice stage, Natalie Stovall is ready to make a big splash in country music.

After years of touring and making music Stovall felt as though the time was right to take a shot and audition for The Voice. Stovall began singing on The Opryland Kids Club when she was 10 years old. It was there she discovered her love for singing and she hasn’t looked back since.

“My first professional gig was when I was 10. I played on a show called the Opryland Kids club here in Nashville. It was at the Opryland Theme Park and I auditioned with my fiddle and I played a song for them. They were like that’s really cute honey, but you have to sing in order to be on the show. So I sang Happy Birthday and got the job. I was in it for four years and that really got me on stage every single day performing and I haven't stopped. It’s what I love to do and I got to discover that at a very early age,” said Stovall.

Stovall sang “If It Hadn't Been For Love” by The Steeldrivers impressing coach Blake Shelton Shelton, who was the only coach who turned his chair was impressed with Stovall’s voice. When Stovall saw Shelton, who was the coach she wanted from the very beginning turn his chair it was a sense of relief for the talented singer.

“[I said to myself] Thank god [when Blake turned his chair], I auditioned towards the end of the auditions so the teams were filling up. I had no idea if they were full or how full they were, so that adds a whole lot of extra pressure. To go up there at any point it’s going to be difficult, but knowing that teams were filling up it’s that extra element of oh my gosh have I done the right thing. When Blake turned around I relaxed a little. I also got extra excited and sang even harder….” said Stovall.

“I was really hoping for Blake. I mean I’m a country singer from Nashville so Blake makes the most sense to me. I wanted to be really open minded because working with any of those coaches would be incredible. They have such amazing careers. They do exactly what I want to be doing. So it would have been cool no matter what. But I will say the whole time I was visualizing Blake turning around, and being like please please please that would be so cool,” continued Stovall.

Stovall’s Blind Auditioned was montaged with two other artists including fellow Team Blake member Ryan Scripps. After the audition aired Stovall not only was contacted by new fans but fans that have not seen her perform in a while. According to Stovall the support she has received so far has been overwhelming.

“You know what, it is crazy. The support has been overwhelming and I know everybody says that. I’ve just been overwhelmed with the number of people that have come out and said something to me on social media… I feel like in a lot of ways not only have there been a ton of new people that have shown up, but kind of reengaged a lot of people that haven't seen me in years. I tour as much as I can, but I cant be everywhere. So it’s been a while since I've see them and this is an opportunity for them to see me again. So it’s pretty cool,” said Stovall.

The Voice for Stovall is a huge platform to not only share her music, but to help further her career. According to Stovall no matter what happens on the show she will continue to perform, sing, and write music.

“[I’ve been] working at this music thing and touring for a really long time and I've had a lot of really amazing success I really have. I mean Ive gotten a lot of opportunities that I'm very thankful for. But it’s hard and every time I've gotten really close to a major break through it just hasn't quite happened yet. I mean I even had a single on radio and as soon as we were getting ready to release a second single which felt like such a good thing the record deal fell apart. And then it all went away again,” said Stovall.

“And so with The Voice it’s such a huge stage and a huge platform. To get to share my music immediately with millions of people, to get out and sing and perform and do what I love more than anything in the word, and get to that for millions of people is such a gift. I just hope that I get to make a lot of new fans and get to take them on my journey with me. No matter what happens I'm never going to stop touring and performing and writing and singing music. And so I hope to just make a big splash and take a lot of fans with me,” continued Stovall.

Stovall will face off against Adam Cunningham in the Battle Rounds for an opportunity to continue on the show. The Battle Rounds start tonight on NBC at 8pm EST. To follow along on Stovall’s journey like her on Facebook, and follow her on Instagram (nataliestivall) and Twitter (@NatalieStovall).

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