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Adam Cunningham Is In It To Win It

Adam Cunningham is in it to win it. The talented artist from Nashville wowed The Voice coaches with his soulful rendition of “Midnight Rider” by The Allman Brothers.

Cunningham has been singing ever since he was a child. Along with his parents Cunningham was in what he calls your classic family band. The family would sing everywhere they could including going Christmas caroling.

“Oh man when I was a kid, a very young kid like less than 10, I started singing with mom and dad. Classic family band, I sang in church sang at banquets, sang in nursing homes, you name it. We used to go caroling during Christmas time, but my dad would call ahead to make sure they had snacks and goodies for us. Because he said ‘what’s the point if they don't give snacks and goodies.’ I said you know what you're right dad,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham found himself on The Voice stage after receiving a call from the show. At first Cunningham was unsure if he should try out for the show, but after some encouragement from hs wife he decided to give it a shot, making Voice fans and coach Blake Shelton extremely happy. Cunningham got both Shelton and new coach Jennifer Huson to turn their chairs with his version of “Midnight Rider.” From the time Cunningham hung up the phone with The Voice to taking the stage during his Blind Audition it was clear to him he was going to choose Shelton as his coach.

“From the very very beginning, I mean from hanging up with [The Voice]. after the first phone call I was like If I get on the show I’d love to you if got the opportunity to go with Blake The Nashville connection we have a lot of friends in common and its what I do for a living is sing country music so yeah that was always my first choice but I tell you what Jennifer made a rally tempting offer she almost swayed me,” said Cunningham.

Shelton was impressed with all aspects of Cunningham’s performance saying “Country music is always things we take as people growing up, listening to the radio and then we put that stamp on our music. It’s made right here by your next door neighbor. I love the power of your voice, I love how accurate you are with your pitch, and I love that you're a Nashville guy…”

Cunningham chose “Midnight Rider” because he felt as though it was the perfect time to sing the song. The Youtube video of Cunningham's Blind Audition has now been view of 700,000 times..

“It seemed very timely. Greg Allman had just passed. I’m a huge fan of not just the Allman Brothers, but that style of music, that early southern rock. When you listen to a song like ‘Midnight Rider,’ a band like the Allman Brothers, you can almost put yourself exactly where the songs being played. Whether it’s a concert or whatever, and you can see the people around you, smell the stuff hanging in the air. I love it man, it’s rock, but it’s country, but its soul. No matter what its moving,” said Cunningham.

“[The views on Youtube are] very cool. I mean I've never experienced anything like this before. I'm very excited to get out there more, and to be able to offer what I do to more people everyday. Every time someone views it, sees it, it puts a little more validation for me,” continued Cunningham.

Cunningham is determined to make it far on The Voice. The talented singer is hoping to make it far on the show. Cunningham is also hoping to be able to capitalize on every opportunity he gets on the show and after the his time on The Voice has come to an end.

“….[I want] to attack every opportunity and strike while iron is hot. After it’s over to have a successful career and to share music with people all of the time,” said Cunningham.

“…Only good things can come from this. It’s going to be life changing no matter what. And now with everything that’s going on it is exciting. I’m in it to win it,” continued Cunningham.

To follow along on Cunningham’s journey like him on Facebook, follow him on Instagram, (@adamcunninghamofficial) and Twitter (@adam_cunningham). Cunningham will now face-off against a teammate on Team Blake in the Battle Rounds which start next week.

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