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Jeff Dane's New Single 'Leave You With a Song' is a Hit

After a year of waiting Jeff Dane fans everywhere now have a new song to listen to. The talented artist released “Leave You With a Song” almost exactly a year after releasing his album Hillbilly Fire.

Hillbilly Fire came out in September of 2016, The Album was comprised of 10 songs including two versions of the title track. According to Dane releasing the new single “Leave You With a Song” one year after Hillbilly Fire was pure coincidence.

“That was actually coincidence, I was surprised when I realized it. I try not to go more than a year without releasing some kind of new music. I thought the time was right for this single,” said Dane.

“We recorded it months ago and kind of sat on it for a while, just trying to decide when and if I was going to release it. I got a lot of good feedback on it, so I decided to go and do this fall release,” continued Dane,

“Leave You With Song” has the potential to be a hit for Dane. The single is a change from the music that the talented artist has released in the past. “Leave You With a Song” has a laid-back feel that not only will have country music fans, but have music fans everywhere downloading the song.

“I like that it takes me in a different direction then the stuff off of Hillbilly Fire. Hillbilly Fire was a really big produced Nashville album. This new single, and a couple of new songs I’m working on are scaled back and acoustic. Not quite over produced as Hillbilly Fire. I don't want to say over produced in a bad way, because I loved Hillbilly Fire and the way it was produced by Dave Tough. This is taking me more in just a chill sort of sound,” said Dane.

“Leave You With a Song” was written by Justin Busch with Dane in mind. According to Dane this song is a way to say goodbye to the Nashville Sound and hello to a new style of music.

“My buddy Justin Busch wrote the song kind of with me in mind. He was thinking more like a Troubadour type song. Sort of a goodbye type song. Not because I’m going anywhere. But because he thought it was a good switch for me. Maybe more saying goodbye to the Nashville sound I was doing, and coming into this new sort of folksy acoustic sound,” said Dane.

“Justin’s a great songwriter. He wrote several of my songs. I cowrote with him ‘Underdog,’ ‘California Ain’t That Far,’ he and I wrote ‘Between Stages together.’ He’s [a great] songwriter, so I was lucky he had me in mind when he was writing this,” continued Dane.

Dane is donating 10 percent of the proceeds from “Leave You With A Song” to the Route 91 Music Festival victims fund. To download the song click here. To find out where Dane will be playing next follow him on Facebook, Instagram (@maniacdaniac), on Twitter (@Maniacdaniac), and visit his website (

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