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Lauren Duski Finishes Second on The Voice

From the moment Lauren Duski stepped on The Voice stage it was apparent that the talented artist was destined to go far not only on the show but in country music as well.

At the end it came down to Duski and Chris Blue. Blue would take the title of The Voice, but Duski came out a winner. While making it to the Finale did not surprise her fans it did come as a shock to the talented artist.

“I never expected to make it past the blind auditions, so it was pretty incredible to stand there on stage with Chris Blue and share that moment with him. And kind of reflect on the whole journey, it was pretty amazing,” said Duski.

During her journey on The Voice, Duski accomplished some firsts for her career, including hitting number one on the iTunes charts multiple times. At one point Duski had the number one, three and 12 song on the charts. Duski's iTunes success has given her even more inspiration to keep making music.

“It’s pretty incredible because I’ve never charted in my life. So to watch a couple of songs, not just one, but a few stay constantly in the top of the iTunes charts is pretty amazing. It fuels me and I know I'm never going to stop making music,” said Duski.

One of Duski's songs that hit number one on the charts was her original song “DeJa Vu.” During the Finale the four remaining artists each sang an original song. Performing “DeJa Vu” was the first time Duski had ever sang an original song on the Voice Stage.

“[Performing ‘Deja Vu” was] probably the most terrifying and rewarding experiences of my life. I wrote that song a couple of weeks before the show started. I remember going through my list of originals and that one has stuck with me through out this process. It’s one of my favorites, so it’s just awesome that it's resonating with people,” said Duski.

According to Duski when she went into the writing session with Dan Henny and Cody Tarpley they intended to write a happy song, but instead the trio went on to write “Deja Vu.”

“….We originally walked in trying to write a happy song and of course we wrote the saddest song we’ve ever written. We were just talking about how in life you can be in a relationship with a souse or, boyfriend/girlfriend, a grandparent, anyone and when you're not with them anymore you're still haunted. You see them in in all these memories, and all these different places in your life. You’re living in a constant deja vu. So thats kind of where the idea stemmed from,” said Duski.

While working with Blake Shelton on The Voice the pair have formed a great relationship not only as artist and mentor but as friends as well. Duski was able to have success on the show in part because of the advice that Shelton gave her. The pair capped off the season with a performance of “There’s a Tear In My Beer” by Hank Williams Jr. For Duski being able to sing with her coach was a lot of fun.

“Well the fact that I can sing anything with him is pretty awesome. He chose that classic country song. It was just awesome, he was the Hank Williams Sr. to my Jr.,” said Duski.

Duski’s time on The Voice has allowed her to become a better artists. Not only has the experience allowed her to become a better artist, but the talented artist has learned to trust herself.

“Just to trust myself, I’ve let go of a lot insecurities along the way. I feel like I'm as strong as I’ll ever be as an artist, and as ready as I’l ever be. I'm just excited to continue this journey in music,” said Duski.

Duski is ready to make her mark on country music. The talented artist is ready to release new music and meet her fans all across the country. To see where Duski's Journey will take her visit

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