For Cody Wickline Being on Stage Induces a Natural High

Two years ago Cody Wickline sang his way into the hearts of Country Music fans all across the country and the world when his blind audition aired on NBC’s The Voice. Today the talented singer is on his way to becoming a star in Country Music.

Wickline sang “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by the late great George Jones. Wickline’s modern twist on the traditional Country sound has allowed the talented singer to gain a large fanbase. The Voice not only gave Wickline exposer but it taught him some valuable lessons as well.

“I think it taught me a lot of things. I think the different types of music [on the show] influenced me a lot. I was able to incorporate the styles of music of the other contestants that performed on the show that I never heard before.. I think more than less it taught me how to do things professionally in a business manner what I need to do to succeed as a musician,” said Wickline.

Since leaving The Voice Wickline has been keeping busy touring and writing songs. At the end of this month Wickline will be taking the stage with fellow Season 8 Voice artists Kelsie May and Matt Snook. The Reunion show as they are calling it will be an action packed show filled with great music.

“It’s going to be a really great thing. It’s been a while since me, Kelsey and Matt have been together. I’m real excited and looking forward to being able to go back to St Joe and get to play with those guys,” said Wickline.

On stage Wickline feels at home. According to Wickline there is no feeling like being on stage and seeing the people in the crowd having a great time.

“I’d say my favorite part about performing is being able to take the energy that excitement from the crowd. You know it’s kind of like a drug in itself. I think most musicians would agree with that. It’s a natural high that as a musician when you're performing and other people are enjoying. Having a good time with what you're doing. I think the crowd response is my favorite part about it,” said Wickline.

Currently Wickline is working on new music. The talented artist is hoping that he and his team can get new music out to the fans with in the next few months.

“We’re hoping to get new music out in a few months. I've got some songs that I’ve written. Me and a few other songwriters got together and started writing, and we've cranked out a couple of really good ones here lately. I'm hoping within the next few months we've got enough to put out a really good album, at least an EP,” said Wickline.

Wickline’s song “Addicted to You” is currently playing on The BlackSheep Network. The song has been doing well on The BlackSheep Network Top 30 Countdown due to Wickline’s devoted fans. According to Wickline the song is inspired by people who are suffering through addiction.

“I really got inspired by all the people in this area that is addicted to something. Drug addition has become a big thing. I thought how can i incorporate addiction in a song but necessarily talk about addiction, kind of like a love song type thing. So I thought what if I make it about an addiction to a person it was a cool twist on things,” said Wickline.

Wickline is well on his way to having his name on the top of the Billboard Charts along with superstars like Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Chris Stapleton and more. To follow Wickline’s career like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter (@cody_wickline)

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