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'...We Are Going to Work Hard, Push Forward and Make Our Mark in the Music Industry.'

In just a couple of weeks fans will be able to see The Darrin Morris Band on stage at The Houston Rodeo, and next year you might see them on stage at the CMA Awards performing or excepting an award.

The Darrin Morris Band is on fire right now. The talented band which consists of; Darrin Morris, Jeremy Moore, Blake Watson, Josh Smithers, and Michael Olson have been delighting crowds everywhere with awesome music. In addition to playing in front of packed crowds the band has been racking up the awards. This past November the band won The Nashville Universe Award for Best Music Video with their video for their song “Dancing In The Rain.” For Morris and the band it was an honor to be nominated.

“It was great, absolutely great [to win a Nashville Universe Award]. It was a big big thing for us. We were nominated for five hoping we would win something and ended up with one,” said Morris.

Recently Morris received an email every artist dreams of receiving. Morris and the band received an email from Sony Nashville. and earlier this month the band had a once in a lifetime meeting with the label in Nashville. The meeting was the first step to seeing if if the initial contact from Sony Nashville will lead to a record deal. According to Morris the once in a lifetime meeting is something he will never forget.

“When I first saw that Sony contacted me I thought it was a joke. I really thought somebody was pulling a prank on me. I made a few phone calls and had some friends of mine check into the email and it turned out that it really was Sony Nashville,” said Morris.

“It was a great experience and one I will never forget. Very few artists ever get the chance to sit down face to face with a major record label. Whether Sony decides to work with us or not we are going to work hard, push forward and make our mark in the music industry,” said Morris.

In addition to the meeting with Sony Nashville The Darrin Morris Band have some big shows coming up, including the Houston Rodeo. The Houston Rodeo is one of the largest live entertainment and live stock exhibitions around, its lineup includes the likes of Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, and more. The band will be debuting some new music during the Rodeo, and are set to put on an awesome show.

“Oh my gosh, very excited. That is a huge huge thing for us. it’s a great opportunity for anybody to play at the Houston Rodeo. It’s probably one of the biggest rodeos in the nation. We’re very excited to be doing that. Can’t wait to get down there and play…” said Morris.

According to Morris his favorite part about being on stage is seeing the reaction of the crowd. The talented singer enjoys seeing everyone enjoying the music and having a good time. It is those same fans that enjoy seeing The Darrin Morris Band play and enjoy hearing their music that are helping to keep them in the BlackSheep Network Top 30 Countdown. Morris is grateful for every vote.

“That’s great because we don't have a lot of time to look at the kind of stuff and really push it like we use to. So for us to still be on those types of countdowns is tremendous. It means people are absolutely loving what we are doing. It’s a big thing to know your music keeps going on when you don't have the time to push as much as you like to. People are still voting and that’s a pretty cool feeling,” said Morris.

To help the Darrin Morris Band make their mark on Country Music go visit all of their social media sites and share away. Visit their website (, like them on Facebook (darrin morris band. nashville and texas award-winning country band), follow them on Twitter, and visit them on YouTube.

Dancing In The Rain


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