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From a Tikes Table to The Voice Stage Lauren Duski is Ready Share Her Talent With the World

From a Tikes table to The Voice stage, Lauren Duski is ready to blaze her own path in country music. The talented artist got three coaches to turn their chairs during her blind audition with her rendition of “You Were Meant for Me” by Jewel.

Duski who has been singing ever since she could talk first took the stage at the young age of seven. Soon after she began touring with a country band, which allowed Duski to open for some of the biggest names in country music. From an early age Duski was able to see the affect music has on people, further strengthening her passion for singing. While Duski has aways seen herself as a singer it wasn't until her junior year of college that she decided 100 percent that she would go after her dream.

“There was a moment my junior year I remember on planning on going to dental school. I've been planning those three years and preparing as much as I could. But I knew that if I never tried and pursue my real passion, I dreamed of being an artist and sharing music with the world that I would kick myself. I made the decision to at least finish school. I knew dental school would always be there if things didn't work out…” said Duski.

Duski never saw herself taking The Voice stage, in fact she saw her career taking off in a more organic way. Duski decided to audition for The Voice because of its supportive platform. The talented artist took the first step by auditioning in Atlanta and made her way to The Blind Auditions. Duski was able to get coaches Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, and Blake Shelton to turn their chairs. Duski decided to go with Shelton because of her country roots.

“My roots are in country music and I kind of had an idea going into it who I wanted to work with. But you step on that stage and your head starts spinning the second the coaches turn around. As soon as Adam opened his mouth, and then Gwen, I was like oh geez I'm in a lot more trouble than I initially thought. But you know when it came down to the decision, I decided to go with my heart and my gut. I'm glad I did, it’s been an honor to work with Blake,” said Duski.

So far on The Voice Duski has enjoyed the whole entire experience including getting to meet her fellow artists. During her time on The Voice Duski hopes to be able push boundaries with her preferences.

“So far I have just been pinching myself that this is even happening. I can only hope to be able to push some more boundaries and to be creative with my song choices. I can only hope for the best. I'm literally with some of the most incredible people. Not only are they insanely talented, but they are to the core some of the best humans I've ever met. So I feel honored to be able to share this with them. We all go into it trying to do our best and have fun. I hope that I can at least share my voice more. If I'm given that opportunity that would be wonderful. But Im just happy to be able to make it past the blinds,” said Duski.

Duski is drawn to songwriting and performing because of the affect music has on people. During her time The Voice Duski will be able to reach millions of people with her music. Duski’s Blind Audition video has already gotten over 1.4 million views. For Duski there is nothing like finding out one of her songs has touched someone.

“…..When You get up there and you see those songs resinates with people. When someone comes up to me and says hey I really love that song, or that song really touched me because of this. It’s really incredible. I really don't know how describe it. I've learned that music is incredibly healing and one thing that drew me to dentistry is I've always wanted to help people. My parents are both dentists and sort of helped transform the lives of people through their smiles. For me I've seen it happen through music. I've been given this opportunity to share with the world and I'm just going to run with it and it feels like it’s working out,” said Duski.

Duski’s next step will be The Battle Rounds. Until then you can follow Duski on Twitter (@LaurenDuski), and like her Facebook page.

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