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With His #FAMBASE At His Side Sundance Head is ready to be The Voice

From Texas to the The Voice stage Team Blake’s last remaining artist, Sundance Head has been impressing everyone with each performance. With each passing week on the show the talented artist is proving why he belongs on the top of the country music world.

Not only is Head’s voice and style unique, but his song choices while on the show have been unique as well. Head has chosen to cover not one, but two coaches’ song during his time on the show. During the Knockout round Head covered coach Miley Cyrus’ song “The Climb,” and a few weeks ago Head covered Alicia Keys’ “No One.” Both songs went number one on the country iTunes Charts. For Head his performance of “No One” has been his favorite on the show so far.

“My favorite performance was probably being able to sing ‘No One’ in front of Alicia Keys. I really respect her so much. For her to give me the nod and to receive my arrangement the way that she did just made me feel validated, like hey maybe I do know what I'm doing. Maybe I am pretty good at this. So that was really awesome. I really feel like we had a really intimate moment in front of the whole world. I could see the love in her eyes, that she really was tender during the song, and she really did enjoy hearing it. I'm just really proud of that moment,” said Head.

“…It’s a lot of stress if you do something like that. I'm on this show to take chances that’s what I signed up for. I wanted to challenge myself and I wanted to grow as a performer, a singer, and as an artist. I thought singing those songs in those situations was actually the best that I could have done…” continued Head.

Last week Head shot up to to the number one spot of the overall iTunes charts with his performance of “Me and Jesus” by Tom T. Hall. At first Head was unsure about singing the gospel song because he was not sure how people would receive it. After encouragement from his coach Blake Shelton, Head was able to put his heart and soul into the song. Head’s number one with “Me and Jesus” was his first on the overall iTune charts for the talented artist.

“I’m so excited that I got that number one on iTunes. It was an amazing thing that happened and it was just completely unexpected. I already had two number ones on the country iTunes charts before that, but you know it’s not the same as the number one overall spot. So to get that it was an incredible thing. Blake and I talked about it and he was very proud of it, he explained to me how difficult it is to get a number one and that we should really be proud of it….” said Head.

“I was really proud to be able to sing a song about Jesus. I'm a man of deep faith and during the times right know it’s kind of taboo to even talk about Christianity. So to have it received and have it go number one like that it really sends a message. I think people are kind of tired of having to stay quiet about religion. To me the song was a great song for the times because everyone needed to be lifted up a little bit with all the seriousness of the political agenda. America is kind of split. So I felt honored to be able to come into everyone’s living room for three minutes and just give them a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. It was an amazing song and it was just the right time for a song like that. There’s a lot of things that went into making that song a number one most of it probably wasn't me,” continued Head.

After the eliminations last week Head is the only artist remaining for Team Blake. Head hopes he can stick around to the end and win The Voice, which has been his goal from the moment he decided to audition for The Voice

“I’m the last one and hopefully I can stick around to the end. You know this week’s going to be a big week for everybody. I mean this to me is the most important week because if you make it through this week then you get to the final four and it doesn't really matter at that point. Everyone is a winner in the final four,” said Head.

“I really want to win the show. It’s been my goal the whole time. But you know Billy Gilman he wants to win, I know We [McDonald] wants to win, and Christian [Cuevas] wants to win, and Josh Gallagher. All of these people are here still because they really want to win. So this is going to be a really difficult week. Everyone is going to have to come out and do their very best. So I'm really nervous and anxious at the same time to get out there and get this thing going,” continued Head.

Head continues to advance each week not only because of his great performances, but because of the support his fans have showed him from day one. Head has started to call his fans #FAMBASE, because to him his fans are part of his extended family.

“Yeah I do, I Just want to tell [my fans] thank you very much. Somebody started a thing called called the #FAMBASE, like family. That tag is kind of sticking for me in the social media thing and I'm all about that. I mean if you want to call the fans FAMBASE that makes me feel great, because I do want people to consider me a friend and family. When they listen to my music I want them to feel good about it. I don't want to be negative. I would love nothing more then to create a large musical family that’s not divided by racial divide or ethnicity or geographical places. But are just banded together over the love of one great song. That would be awesome,” said Head.

With each week that Head is voted through, he and his fellow artists have the opportunity to work with some of the best artists in the music business. A few weeks ago the artists had the opportunity to work with with the legendary Garth Brooks. After being in disbelief Head had a 20 minute conversation with Brooks, before Shelton had to tell the pair to get to work. For Head the experience and the advice that Brooks gave him was an awesome experience.

“Number one piece of advice, [Garth] told me was I need to get lost in the song. I asked him how do I that and his replay was and I quote, ‘I cant tell you how to do it, but you will know it when it happens.’ That was the best advice that I got from him,” said Head.

According to Head the key for him to advance to the finals of The Voice is to be consistent. With each performance it is Head’s hope that he is able to touch someone with his music.

“Well I think I just need to be consistent. I'm going to have to go out there and really execute what I'm singing Monday night. I just need to sing it with my heart and soul like I've been doing the whole time. I think that America can see that you know I'm not up there for show. This is really my heart and it really means that much to me. I want to be able to get up there and perform a song that will reach out and touch someone else the way that music has touched me. It’s so important to me and if I do that then I think I will be ok,” said Head.

To see if Head will advance to the finals of The Voice, tune in to NBC tonight and tomorrow night at 8pm EST.

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