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Barrett Baber's New Record 'Room Full of Fighters' is Packed Full of Hits

Barrett Baber is looking to turn his success on The Voice into a catalyst for his career in country music. The talented singer/songwriter recently released a new album tilted Room Full of Fighters. The 13 track album which came out on Nov 4th has been doing extremely well.

The title Room Full of Fighters not only comes from a line in a song, but it represents Baber’s musical journey to this point. For Baber the title of the song represents everything from playing shows in a bar to his journey on The Voice.

“Room Full of Fighters in a line that’s in The first song on the record called ‘What the Hell.’ I met my wife in a little college bar in Jonesboro, Arkansas, that’s kind of the origination of that line. But as I got to thinking about this record, about my journey you know what a great journey it’s been for me,” said Baber

“Thinking about all the rooms full of fighters that I’ve played in over the years. Now metaphorically coming out of some rooms full of fighters of people who are fighting for their dreams like I am. You know being in audition rooms for The Voice and being in great songwriting rooms in Nashville, just fighting like crazy to get over the hump of the next level, the next phase of my career. It just seemed like a perfect line and title for the album,” continued Baber.

Room Full of Fighters is an album that is great from the first song to the last song. The album showcases Baber’s unique country sound. With the help of Baber’s supporters Room Full of Fighters reached the top 10 of the iTunes Country Album Chart. The success of the album means a lot to Baber.

“I’m really, really blessed and very grateful to my fans for jumping on board and helping the album do so well on release day. Even now it’s still doing great. It’s a real humbling experience for me to be in the same conversation as great artists like; Dierks Bentley and Florida Georgia Line, great great country acts,” said Baber.

“I think it’s a special thing. What we hope will happen is that people will take notice and recognize that there’s just so much more to me then a guy that was on a show once. There’s so much more here, there’s great songs and certainly a record. It was the next logical step for me to cut this record, get it out there and continue to push forward moving towards making a living as a musician,” continued Baber.

With each song on the album having hit potential it is hard for Baber to choose a favorite. His cover of a Cars’ song called “Drive” and a song he wrote with fellow Voice artist and friend Dustin Christensen called “Never Just A Call” are among Baber’s favorites at the moment.

“That's a tough one I've been asked that a bunch of times and I feel like we’ve done a special thing with this record, my producer and I. It's kind of an album full of singles, there’s not really any soft spots. I really am taken with this cover of ‘Drive’ by the Cars. I also really like to sing ‘Never Just a Call’ written by Dustin Christensen. It’s doing so well for us out there. People are starting to play that one and getting behind it. It probably has the most hit potential as far as a single is concerned. But the whole record I think is kind of special man, so far that’s what everyone is saying on social media,” said Baber.

In the making of this album Baber enjoyed the creative process watching each song grow and transform into a song that has hit potential. It is Baber’s belief that with this album he and his team have created something special and he is extremely thankful to all of those who have gone out and bought the record.

“The important thing about being a musician is the actual music. It’s really easy these days to create a lot of hype and other things that sort of get people thinking are a big deal. But at the end of the day if you want to maintain a career in music the number one most important thing is songs and having great songs,” said Baber.

“So my favorite thing about cutting a record is working with musicians. Being in the studio recording. Allowing a song to grow, and become its own little thing, its own project. Every song has its moment to shine and you got to put a lot of work love and effort into it if you want it to be a great record. I feel like I did that with a Room Full of Fighters. It’s one of those records if you listen to it from top to bottom there’s just not any weak spots. I’m proud of that because I recognize how awesome it is to have people spending money and buying music from me. So I feel like it’s my job as a songwriter and a musician to give them the best bang for their buck and I think I did it with this one,” continued Baber.

Over the next month Baber will be promoting the album on radio stations across the country, and after taking time off for the holidays Baber will hit the road sharing his music with fans everywhere. One of Baber’s favorite things about performing is looking out to the crowd and seeing fans sing the words to his songs back to him.

“Well there’s really nothing that beats looking out into a crowd…and you see somebody singing along to a song that you wrote. Everybody has a pipe dream of thinking well one day people will actually buy my records, listen to my music, and love it and they listen to it so much that they memorize the words. But its a special feeling to be somewhere like Boise, Idaho or New Hampshire and look out to the crowd and see somebody singing the words to your original songs. That’s by far my favorite thing about being up there on that stage. Looking out the audience and connecting with people on a personal level through that language of music…” said Baber.

If you have not downloaded Room Full of Fighter you can download the album on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Baber is thankful for his time on The Voice and for the fans he has gained in the last year. Baber would like to see all of his fans when he hits the road to thank them for all of their support on The Voice and beyond. To follow along on the “Baber Train” you can visit his website (, follow him on Twitter (@BarretBaber) and like him on Facebook

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