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Third Time's a Charm for Team Blake's Josh Gallagher

Country music artist Josh Gallagher showed perseverance by auditioning for season 11 of NBC’s The Voice.The talented singer/songwriter did not let a couple of failed attempts to make The Voice get in the way of his dreams. The third time was the charm for Gallagher, as he now finds himself on Team Blake heading into the Battle Rounds.

Gallagher who has always been involved in music moved down to Nashville two years ago. During his time in Nashville Gallagher has been able to hone his craft, and becoming a better all around artist. It was during a performance at The Row in Nashville that Gallagher got the opportunity to audition for The Voice. Gallagher was approached by Mike Peck who handles the live music acts at The Row about auditioning for The Voice and Gallagher decided to give it another try. It is because of the hard that Gallagher has put in that he was able to get two coaches to turn this time around.

“Well you know I was younger when I auditioned the two times before and I think my voice wasn't fully developed as much as it is now. I moved down to Nashville two years ago and from singing four hour gigs, five to six nights a week I can tell even in the past two years how much stronger and more consistent my voice is. My range has gotten better over the past few years, so I think it has a lot to do with that. Just maturity in my voice. my technique, and all the things that I put in to it,” said Gallagher.

Gallagher took the stage and sang “Stay a Little Longer” by Brother Osborne. The talented singer/songwriter impressed both Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys. When the coaches turned around a huge weight was lifted off of Gallagher’s shoulders. Keys attempted to sway Gallagher over to her team by expressing the connection between Country music, Soul and Blues. According to Gallagher Keys was almost successful, but once Shelton started making his argument it was all over.

“…Man I’ll tell you something Country Music is my life. I moved to Nashville when I was 17 to do what I’m doing still to this day. I’ve been having records on the radio for 16 years now, and the most fun for me at this point is being able to help this next group of country artists and come open doors for them. And when people say you got to think out side of the box well you know what I don't want to. I want to be a country artist. I want to live that way, I want to die that way. That’s all I care about is country music, I want to see that happen for you too.” said Shelton.

According to Gallagher what Shelton said hit home because all he wants to do is be a country music artist just like Shelton.

“Going into The Blind Auditions I ultimately wanted to choose Blake, you know if he turned I was Team Blake all the way 100 percent. But you say that before the Blind Auditions and then if you get more than one chair turn as the coaches are talking to you it kind of changes your aspect a little bit. I actually almost did pick Alicia,” said Gallagher.

“Then Blake started talking and he kind of took me over. He’s a big country guy that’s all he does and that’s all I really want to do to be honest with you. I don't want to diverge from my path that I have set in my mind for myself,” continued Gallagher.

After Gallagher chose Shelton as the his coach, the Country Music Superstar went on camera and said Gallagher was ready to go on radio today. The compliment from Shelton made Gallagher feel like Shelton believes in him.

“Coming from someone like him it’s an incredible compliment. I know I sing music for a living, but I don't consider myself a professional. You know what I mean, on that level, on his level, on the four of those judges’ level. I don't consider myself on their level so having a compliment like that come from someone like him and especially him it’s kind of breathtaking. Because him being on that level that makes me feel like he considers me on that level. It makes me feel really really good…” said Gallagher.

Since Gallagher’s Blind Audition aired he has gotten a lot of support from fans new and old. On Facebook Gallagher is approaching 13,000 likes and on Twitter (@JoshGallMusic) he has over 2,000 followers. Gallagher’s biggest success has come on Youtube. On his Blind Audition video the talented singer/songwriter has gotten over 1.3 million views. When the video reached 1 million views Gallagher admits he became emotional.

“…You get aired on national television and as soon as people see your face your social media starts blowing up and your phone starts blowing up. People they want to be your fans and they want to be a part of your life. So seeing those million views it was an emotional thing for me. There’s so much stress going on for me, trying to keep up with social media stuff, trying to finish the finalization of this wedding that going on on Saturday (October 8th), and so it was emotional for me. Actually I'm not going to lie I started to cry a little bit, I really did,” said Gallagher.

Like all artists who compete on The Voice Gallagher hopes he can win the show so as many people as possible can here his music.

“You know untimely I want to win this thing, you know I want to go out there and do the absolute best I can. I Just want to prove to people that hard work really does pay off and the dreams that you think you might want to follow when you're younger may not be what is really set out for you. I really am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason,: said Gallagher.

“I went out to school thinking I wanted to play ball for the rest of my life, school wasn't for me.. You got to keep everything in perspective. With The Voice I want to go out there and I Just want to be heard. I want people to hear my voice. I don't care about the money, or the fame if that ever comes or happens. I just want to be on a stage in front of people pouring out my heart, that’s all I want to do,” continued Gallagher.

Gallagher is set to face singer/songwriter Blaine Long in the Battle Rounds. If Gallagher continues to sing just like he did during the Blind Auditions he will have no trouble making it through to the Knockout Round.

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