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'I Just Feel Really Blessed Right Now' Austin Allsup

With one song Austin Allsup might have changed his life. The talented singer/songwriter from Texas was able to impress country music superstar and Voice coach Blake Shelton. Shelton was the lone coach to turn during Allsup’s Blind Audition.

Allsup found himself auditioning for NBC’s The Voice after encouragement from a familiar name to Voice fans, Season Seven artist Luke Wade. Allsup and Wade who was on Team Adam have played shows together for years. After being approached to audition for The Voice Allsup sought the advice of Wade. Wade is also partly responsible for bringing Season 9 artist Barrett Baber to The Voice.

“…Last year somebody got in touch with me to come audition. I had a good friend of mine Luke Wade who was on the show during season seven. Me and Luke have played a lot of shows around Fort Worth and Dallas together. We've also toured in Ireland, we've done a lot of neat stuff. I asked Luke about it and he had nothing but great things to say about the show. What it had done for him, just how cool everybody was. And Luke knew how I was as an artist, and how I didn't want too change a whole lot of my format of who I am and what I represent. So after talking with Luke he really built up my desire to try to do this thing. I went and auditioned, and then I went through the process and now here I am on Team Blake which is kind of crazy,” said Allsup.

Allsup left Shelton with no choice but to hit his button with his rendition of The Rolling Stones’ hit song “Wild Horses.” Allsup not only made the song his own, but he introduced Voice fans all across the globe to his unique sound. Coming into his audition Allsup was confident he would get a chair to turn because of the reputation he has developed through hard work over the last 12 years.

“I felt relieved of course. I was going into this whole thing with what I considered a decent reputation of a touring artist that puts out original music. I’m a songwriter, I've been pushing singles to radio for years down here regionally around Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico…” said Allsup.

“So I went into the voice not knowing how I was going to be perceived by my peers around here that I've been touring with. I went in with a lot of anxiousness, hoping that I would get a chair turn because I've been working so long at this. I went in expecting to get a chair turn and I mean that in the most humble way possible. I just know that this is something that Ive been working at for a long time, and I just feel like it’s what I'm supposed to be doing. I've tried to do a lot of other things and nothing seems to work out quite like music does for me,” continued Allsup.

10 years before his blind audition Allsup played a show with Shelton at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth. Shelton not only remembered doing a show with Allsup, he remembered conversation the two shared backstage.

“It was incredible when he turned around, and then not only the fact that he turned around he actually remembered playing a show with me over 10 years ago. You know that night at the show at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth. I’m actually looking at the venue I met Blake at which is kind of crazy and I played an event there yesterday. That was really neat for him to recall that and then he recalled actual conversations that me and him had backstage that night… So it was neat because we actually shared a stage together that night and now I got his support as my coach, which is really amazing. I just feel really blessed right now,” said Allsup.

According to Allsup except for a hair style change, Shelton has not changed. While the winningest coach in Voice history likes to have fun, when it comes down to the music Shelton is as serious as they come.

“He no longer has the good hair that he had, that’s about the only thing that has changed with Blake. He lost his party in the back attitude now he’s all business. He’s a pretty cool dude, he’s just as cool off camera as he is on camera. He likes to cut up and have a good time, but he’s real serious when it comes down to the song and the performance which it should be. It’s all of lives and livelihood at stake, especially for guys like me,” said Allsup.

For Allsup who has enjoyed a 12 year career, music has always been a part of his life. As a kid Allsup sang in church and in second grade the talented singer was in a Gospel Quarter. In school Allsup always enjoyed writing poetry and stories which evolved into songwriting. At the age of 17 Allsup learnt how to play guitar after meeting his father Tommy Allsup. The senior Allsup who is a touring artist himself lost a coin toss with Ritchie Valens for a seat on the fatal flight that the song ‘The Day the music Died” is bases on. It is Allsup’s hope that with the Voice he can further develop into the artist he is meant to be.

“You know [The Voice has] already done a lot of things that I’d hope it would do for me, which is just get me some national exposure and get my name out there. We’re actually on a team and things are moving along, I hope to maybe learn some things about myself and a little deeper into who I am as an artist. I've never had any vocal lessons so to say, or any classical training. It’s really a time to look at yourself, me being away from my family and stuff like that…” said Allsup.

“I’m going to take this opportunity to hopefully grow. I don't think we ever stop growing or learning as artists or musicians. We’re always honing in on our craft and skills and I hope that I can really analyze every aspect of who I am as an artist, as a husband, and a father. Just really come out of this thing with some type of arsenal behind me, of just good moral fortitude and knowing who I am and what Im setting out to be…” continued Allsup.

Since Allsup’s Blind Audition aired his already loyal fanbase has grown. The talented singer/songwriter is nearing 1,000,000 views on the Youtube video of his blind audition and now has over 11,000 likes on Facebook. The support for Allsup means the world to him.

“It’s been incredible. We've had a great fan base here in Texas for a long time. But I mean the out pouring of kind words from random people now is just incredible. I went to my daughter’s school and they surprised me. Her class was outside with a banner, and then they took me to the gym and the whole school was in the gym. So I did a little sing along song that me and my daughter had written several years ago. She used to get upset when I had to take her to Day Care or school so we made up a song to make the ride to school better. We sang that for the whole school and they sang it with us. It was a lot of fun just. It’s been incredible…” said Allsup.

The Battle Rounds for the Voice start next week. If Allsup continues to perform like he did during his blind Audition he should have no problem advancing to the Knockout Rounds.

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