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Jeff Dane's New Album 'Hillbilly Fire' is Now Available

Jeff Dane is ready to introduce his new sound to country music fans everywhere, with his new album Hillbilly Fire. The album which is out today is available for download.

Dane last released an album about two years ago. Dane was forced to remove the album called Real due to a record deal. After getting out the record deal Dane rereleased some of the songs off of that album on his EP California AIn’t That Far. The EP includes songs like “California Ain’t That Far” and “Real” Dane and is team decided to release Hillbilly Fire to get new music to his fans.

“… We had spent a lot of time writing and working on these new songs and the process of writing this new album and everything took close to a year. We took our time trying to create this new sound,” said Dane.

“You know with me being this west coast country artist, This west coast meets Nashville vibe. I think we did a good Job in accomplishing that, but we were just anxious to get it out because it's’ been so long since we've had any new music out…” continued Dane.

With Hillbilly Fire, Dane does a great job creating a sound unlike anything out on radio today. Fans will be pleasantly surprised about how Dane has changed as an artist. The songs on Hillbilly Fire are completely different then songs like "Real" which is on the EP California Ain't That Far. Hillbilly Fire was chosen as the name of the album because according to Dane, the song set the tone for the entire album.

"There might be several songs [that surprise people] and the overall style. People who have only heard the stuff on California Ain’t That Far album, the most popular song on that album is “Real” and it’s definitely a different sound. “Jet Black Remedy” we threw that on there for fun. I mean it’s pretty much a rock song, but it’s still me. So it’s still sort of the essence of what we were trying to go for," said Dane.

“At first I think we were going to call it Other Side of Midnight which is one of the songs on the album. And then after we did “Hillbilly Fire" that song seemed like a benchmark for our new sound. The more I listened to it, the more people on our team listened to it, and other people, it seemed like a good idea to maybe make that the album’s first single. And also the name of the album because it sort of set the tone and direction for the new album,” continued Dane.

Of the songs on the album Dane feels that "Hillbilly Fire" best represents who he is as an artist. It is for that reason the song is his favorite on the album.

“Yeah I mean that is a tough one. I do think that ‘Hillbilly Fire’ would be my favorite. ‘Silent City’ is a cool one as far as a ballad goes .You know that’s really my first ballad I’ve written. I thought that turned out well, but I like “Hillbilly Fire,” said Dane.

“Again because it kind of captures the essence of me, and sort of my attitude. I just think it sets the tone for the album and for all the other songs too. I mean it definitely is a country rock/pop album. I don't think anyone would say it’s good ol country music, good tradition country. But it’s definitely I think a great mix of me being west coast and then me working with Nashville producers, mixers and musicians…” continued Dane.

According to Dane he and his team knew right away if a song was going to be on the album, especially once they figured out the sound and direction of the album. One of the song “Love’s Cemetery” was written over two years ago. It is this process of writing and choosing songs for the album that is some of Dane’s favorite parts about creating an album.

“I guess my favorite overall thing about it is, is just seeing everything go from start to finish. How this one little idea turns into this highly produced radio song. I do enjoy songwriting a lot. I enjoy when you think you have written the best song, or you have a favorite song, then you write something else and you love that one. It’s the overall process to be creative. I mean everything down to coming up with ideas for the album cover and stuff. It’s just a fun process from start to finish, but it’s a lot of work too,” said Dane.

Download Hillbilly Fire here. You can follow Dane’s career by visiting his website (, liking him on Facebook, and following him on both Twitter (@ManiacDaniac) and Instagram (@ManiacDaniac). Fans can also subscribe to Jeff Dane on Youtube. On Monday Dane released a music video for his song “Between Stages”

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