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Shane Shaw is Bringing Back Traditional Country Music

North Carolina’s Shane Shaw has a lot of exciting things happening right now in his career, including a Queens City Award and new music.

Shaw’s traditional country sound has his fan base growing daily. The talented artist is ranked fourth overall on the Stanley, North Carolina ReverbNation Country Charts. The fans’ support means the world to Shaw.

“The fans being good to me is awesome and I’d love to keep cutting stuff for them.. because that’s what it’s all about….” said Shaw.

Shaw won the Queen City Award for Male Country Music Artist of the Year. The Queen City Awards are presented by The Konnected Foundation Inc., which strives to provide the community with entertainment opportunities. The 2016 Queen City Awards is currently in the nomination phase. Fans can go to to place their nomination. Shaw did not think he would win the award.

“I was really stunned that I even won an award, I mean indie music has a lot of talent…” said Shaw.

Shaw’s latest single is a cover of “If Heaven” by Andy Griggs. The talented singer put his own spin on the classic song. According to Shaw he put a little more heart and soul into the song. When it comes to recording a song Shaw’s favorite part is delivering the message of the song.

“It’s the fact that when I record a song, I want to make sure I find that picture that the songwriter or person [had in mind]. If I can get that frame around it so that people can see the picture I try to paint in the song, that’s what I try to do. I try to make it fit… I'm trying to translate their story.. I enjoy that part of it, trying to tell their story through my voice that’s all it is. That’s what I love to do…” said Shaw.

“Better Than I am” is one of Shaw’s songs played on The BlackSheep Network and a favorite of many. With “Better Than I am” Shaw is singing from experience.

“...When you write your own lyrics… at that point in time you suck into it and you tell the truth. That’s the one statement I make. You know I don't know you well enough to lie to you. I don't know the fans well enough to lie to them, so what I deliver to you is going to be real. With the lyrics of a song you can tell your story, people can tell if it’s the truth or not,” said Shaw.

When on the stage performing Shaw enjoys seeing the fans enjoying the music and having a great time. It is on the stage where Shaw feels at home.

“My favorite part about performing is seeing the people singing back to me, enjoying the music. That’s what I enjoy. You can see that they're having a good time. It’s not all the alcohol, it’s an actual good time with music. That’s the most important part, that they're having a good time. The stage is the only place where I feel in control of anything in the world…” said Shaw.

Shaw is well on his way to having a successful career in country music. To follow Shaw’s career checkout Shaw on Twitter (@ShaneShawMusic) and visit his ReverbNation page.

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