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Karoline Rhett Has a Ton of Support From Her Fans

Ever since debuting on The BlackSheep Network, talented singer/songwriter Karoline Rhett has captivated listeners everywhere with her sweet sound.

Karoline released her first CD at the age of 10. According to Karoline her first CD mostly falls under the pop genre, and it was after encouragement from her supporters that Karoline decided to give country music a try. Karoline's second CD was her first country project and according to Karoline her third CD will be a mixture of pop and country. Karoline feels that Country Music and her voice go hand in hand.

“You know I just really liked the way that it sounded. You know country music really fits my voice and some people say that I have kind of a country flair to my voice. On top of that its really fun to sing,” said Karoline.

Since entering The BlackSheep Network Top 30 Countdown Karoline has broken several records with three of her songs spending multiple weeks at the number one spot on the countdown. Karoline's song “Ordinary” took the #1 spot for an impressive five weeks in a row. For Karoline the support from her fans means a lot to her.

“It means so much to me. It really shows me that I have so many dedicated fans and I never thought I would be able to make it like that and to become number 1 five weeks in a row is just amazing,” said Karoline.

“Ordinary” is the first song Karoline wrote while a part of PCG Nashville. Karoline's goal with “Ordinary is to inspire anyone who listens to love themeless.

“ ‘Ordinary’ is just a song about loving yourself for who you are and not changing for anybody else. What really started it was, I was thinking about philosophy and I thought you know if everybody is different doesn't that make us all the same? So that line turned into the song, ‘Ordinary’,” said Karoline.

Another one of Karoline's more popular songs is “Brave.” Brave spent a few weeks at number one on The BlackSheep Network To 30 Countdown as well. According to Karoline “Brave” is a song about an abusive relationship.

“‘Brave’ is just a story about someone who’s been in an abusive relationship for a long time and they just decided that they're going to leave. I haven’t been through any abusive relationships myself, but hear stories from other people who have and it has really inspired me to write a song like that. To empower people going through those situations,” said Karoline.

Being a part of PCG Nashville has allowed Karoline to grow, not only as an artist but as a person as well. Karoline has become more confident in her music allowing her to reach more people. To follow Rhett’s career; visit her website (, like her on Facebook (Karoline), and follow her on Twitter (Karolinemusic1).

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