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Jeff Dane is On Fire!!!

Jeff Dane’s music has become among the most requested on The BlackSheep Network. From his songs “5th of July” to his newest single “Hillbilly Fire” listeners cannot get enough of Dane’s unique sound.

After finishing law school Dane took a leap of faith and moved down to Nashville. Soon after arriving to Nashville Dane got his first big break with The Lost Trailers. Dane began performing in front of thousands as the lead singer of the band. While Dane always had plans on going solo it was the dismantling of the band that was the push Dane need to focus on his solo album.

“That was always the plan, because the whole time I was with the Trailers we never stopped. I never stopped, when I say 'we' I mean me and my producer, we never stopped making new Jeff Dane Music. That’s what we've been doing for the last year and a half…” said Dane.

In his short time in Nashville Dane has been able to accomplish a lot, more then a lot of people are able to accomplish in their entire career. From his success with the Lost Trailers to the success of his solo music, Dane is well on his way to becoming a house hold name. The talented singer/songwriter is surprised on how much he has been able to accomplish early on.

“Well I didn't know what to think when I moved out here. I came out here sort of on a whim and I didn't even know if I was going to stay. In fact a week or two after I moved out here I thought I made a terrible mistake and I flew back to California, and was told by friends and family no you need to go back out to Nashville and give this a try.. “ said Dane.

“I would say probably some of the success I’ve had and things I've gotten to do, happened a lot quicker than I thought they would. Just hearing stories about Nashville being a five to 10 year town before you can really break out and I've been fortunate to already be a part of that so to speak, especially with the Lost Trailers,” continued Dane.

Songs like “Hillbilly Fire” have been doing extremely well on The BlackSheep Network. For Dane the success of his music helps validate everything that he and his producer Dave Tough have been trying to accomplish with his releases.

“I mean that’s really great. It validates everything that we were trying to do in hopes the people would appreciate and understand [the song]. Because it’s a different sound for sure…” said Dane.

“I don’t know of any artist on the radio right now on mainstream that you can pin point and say oh yeah they sound like Jeff Dane or Jeff Dane sounds like hime rather. I mean I think this is a whole new sound and people are digging it and there appreciating the mix that I am of country and rock. And we’re trying to showcase that in the songs,” continued Dane.

Of Dane’s new music the talented singer/songwriter has two favorite songs. Those songs are; “Hillbilly Fire” and “Silent City.” “Silent City” is the first ballad that Dane has written and according to Dane the song has “something hauntingly cool about it.”

All of Dane’s solo music has something in common and that is the work of Tough. Since the beginning Dane and Tough have worked side by side to produce what fans have come to love about Dane’s music.

“[Dave Tough has played] an enormous roll [in my career]. I would not be where I am right now if not for Dave Tough. He’s an amazing producer here in Nashville. He’s got a good ear,” said Dane.

“He and I decided early [on that we’re a team]… He said, ‘We’re a team this is the Jeff Dane Sound, it is me and you man, it’s both of us together.’ We’ve been working together for almost three years and so we’re really comfortable and get each other. So working together in the studio is just a piece of cake now, because it’s almost like we read each others mind,” continued Dane.

Dane keeps himself busy with performing and has even ventured on to the T.V screen. Dane was part of a televised concert on June 11th. To keep up with Dane visit his website (, like him on Facebook (Jeff Dane) and follow him on Twitter (@ManiacDaniac).

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