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Manny Cabo's Music is 'Timeless'

Ever since competing on The Voice, Manny Cabo has been able to captivate audiences all over the world. The talented artist has been able to keep him self busy working on new music, performing for his fans, television and movie work and more.

Cabo’s four song EP, Stratospheric shows off his versatility. According to Cabo the songs on the EP highlight different musical genres, from pop, to the southern rock feel with “Friday Night” and “So Close To You.” Stratospheric has been extremely successful which in part is due to Cabo’s time on The Voice.

“The Voice was an integral part of my success because of the notoriety. The Voice tells you, ‘you're only as good as your last performance.’ So I have to utilize this catapult that The Voice has done for me, and take it to the next level. Having The Voice attached to my releases and to my marketing plan has definitely helped beyond words,” said Cabo.

“Lets be realistic about it, 14 million people watch the show and no matter where I go people recognize who I am. The experience that I had on The Voice with the music that I selected I guess left the fans wanting more, which is very flattering. The fact that they now can tune in and hear the continuation from my days of being on The Voice is something that I guess they look forward to. So I'm going to take the bull and run with it,” continued Cabo.

Since being eliminated from The Voice Cabo has been extremely busy. In addition to Stratospheric which was only released a few months ago Cabo has already begun work on a new EP called Timeless. Fans can contribute to Cabo’s EP by visiting his website, Cabo believes the new EP will be even better then Stratospheric. Like Stratospheric, the new EP will more than likely include four songs.

“You know what I'm debating there’s a couple elements that we’re floating around right now. I think we’re probably leaning towards another three or four song EP. We've got a total of anther 9 or 10 songs that we've written together, Michael and I. It’s just a matter of executing the vocals on them,” said Cabo.

“I think we’re going to release another EP and then maybe drop a single here and there because I'm going to be pretty busy in the next couple of months. So touring musically is probably unfortunately going to be put on hold. So we’re going to try and plan it strategically,” continued Cabo.

According to Cabo with a four song EP it gives fans the opportunity to not only learn the lyrics, but the meanings behind each song.

“It gives the listeners an opportunity to really zone in on a minimal amount of songs that they can really focus on. With this first EP they got to hear four songs and really understand the meaning behind them, and listen to the lyrics… It’s four short songs, three minutes a piece, they can put it in the car on the drive home,” said Cabo.

“So it’s kind of strategic, and it worked out. I think it’s advantageous. Like I said because they can actually listen to an entire EP and then play it over and over and learn the lyrics… I really want them to enjoy the music. It’s been successful and I think we did something right with that. I might have to repeat the formula, you don't fix what’s not broken,” continued Cabo.

Recently Cabo joined Rick Landstrom and LeAnne Thomas live on the air. During the interview the live chatroom was full of Cabo’s fans which call themselves the #MannyPack. The support that Cabo’s fans have showed him, has meant the world to him.

“I tell you what it makes me feel happy and grateful above all because obviously I do have some amazing and supportive fans. They've been the same since day one and I think they proved that [in the chat during the show],” said Cabo. /react-text

“You know granted the BlackSheep Network is more of a country music oriented station, but everyone knows I love my country… I’m truly grateful for every individual that tuned in and everyone who’s followed me since day one,” continued Cabo.

The #MannyPack recently pushed Cabo’s song “Friday Night” to number one on The BlackSheep Network Top 30 Countdown. To help support Cabo on his musical journey, like his Facebook page (Manny Cabo), follow him on Twitter (@MannyCaboMusic) and visit his website.

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