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Sammy Bulka is a Special Talent

At just 15 Sammy Bulka has accomplished more than most accomplish in their lifetime. Bulka has already had a successful career in T.V and Music

According to Bulka superstar Taylor Swift is the inspiration behind her singing career. After hearing Swift’s song “Love Story” Bulka was inspired to listen to more of her music. From there Bulka began singing and writing her own music. One of Bulka’s favorite songs that she has written and recorded is “Broken Record”

“I really like ‘Broken Record’ I based the song off a book that I read from Lauren Conrad. I think it has a really good message. It’s basically saying I screwed up and it’s my fault, and now I don't have a second chance, and that’s kind of how the world works. You really have to make a good first impression, you really have to try hard to be all you can be…” said Bulka

Seeing their music do well on a fan voted poll makes an artist feel awesome, and Bulka is no different. “Broken Record” has done extremely well reaching the top 10 on numerous occasions. Bulka’s success on the charts proves she is on the right path.

“[Seeing ‘Broken Record’ do well] makes me feel awesome because that’s one of my favorite songs and it has a really personal meaning to me. So for that to be a popular song that’s fantastic. That makes me so happy,” said Bulka

Many artists enjoy writing not only because they get to tell their story, but because of the creative process as well and Bulka is no different. For Bulka songwriting is her creative outlet.

“I really like the creativity, it’s not just writing words. It’s writing your own personal feelings, you're telling a story, so I guess the creative side is really really cool. I also like the fact that it’s not always about other people, it’s about you. So you have a way of putting how you feel into something you like to do. It’s kind of like a creative outlet to put your feelings in somehow,” said Bulka.

At just 15, Bulka is not old enough to be a part of NBC’s The Voice, but the talented singer/songwriter plans to audition as soon as she turns 16. While the obvious choice in coaches would be Blake Shelton for Bulka, he is not the coach she would choose.

“Well I guess it kind of depends who the coaches are… Honestly for me I think it would be between Alicia Keys and Adam. I adore Maroon 5. They are one of my favorite bands. My mom loves them too, we listen to Maroon 5 all the time. I think it would be good to have a coach with a different genre of music so I can really expand my range and expand what I know about music…” said Bulka.

In the future Bulka hopes more people get the opportunity to hear her music. Bulka would also like to continue to learn who she is as an artist and discover what makes her different from other artists. To Follow Bulka’s career like her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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